Firehouse burns my heart

March 4th, 2007 5:35 pm | more than words | ZOaTlau | 262 Views

As I’ve read out an e-mail from my misual dot com-mate, Firehouse story burns again, this time not on the Aizawlites, but on my mind.

The mail reads “…. sorry for the tragic Firehouse story…”

What a combinations of grieve, tension and stress at that time. After few years over, I’m once again surely haunted by Firehouse story. It just like things happened yesterday, still I can recite those things right from the very beginning.

We almost let the event happened on our own ground, though miserably failed, failing of almost all the hopes of our own people. We fought a losing battle against the greedy middleman at that time, sending money to him, afterall, he was just a dreamer.

“You people will have to bear the band fee and I’ll arrange the sound system (if by carrying on train 15 lakhs is enough for sound system hire fee and transportation)” that was the words of our middleman.

After desperately searching for sponsorship and even closing all our accounts (bullshit) we could luckily managed to send the band fee. “Here we have a conditions, if we’re sending money to you, you have to come up and make a Deeds Agreement… bla bla bla…” this is our stand.

“Surely, I’m coming if the money is ready…” “But it is very very urgent to send the band fee, we just have 6 hrs. to confirm the band, just send the money and tommorrow I’ll be there,” he insisted. Our Shillong guy has his point, and won. We sent the money and he doesn’t come to us, instead of him, he sent his representatives.

The Shillong representatives are coming and we boarded them in Tropicana. We just have 10 days before the event, it seems like everything is ready here in Aizawl. We cleared the ground, do all the necessities.

But at this point, just having only 10 days, we found out that our Shillong guy has made big big mistakes, he just try to ship the sound system hired for the Shillong show owned by Felix of Bangalore, not hiring another set from other place. “The sound system is coming, it’s leaving Delhi…” said while we’re still having 20 days, but that was surely a lies, which is not white.

We have no choice, we talked to the sound owner Felix of Bangalore directly. Our Shillong guy did nothing shipping Felix sound to Mizoram. “The Khasi guys, who is organising Firehouse show in Shillong doesn’t want to leave my sound system either to Nagaland or Mizoram, if it happened they warned us to inflick a damage on my gadgets,” says Felix, we even call HT Sangliana to deal with Felix, and he talked to him, but Felix can’t change his mind.

Having only ten days, we started to call all the metroes looking for the requirement of Firehouse band. The band already confirmed to perform on Aizawl, but Know no Knowledge about the sound problems. In Kolkata, no sound system, In Mumbai, nothing. Only in Bangalore and Delhi international level sound systems are available….. whoisss… 9 days to come.

If we shipped the sound system by train, we have no time. All we have to do is to charter the plane, but the problem is we have no money. Then after skipping two day’s meal, we at last went to Mr Pachuau to execute the last resort.

Mr Pachuau did everything he can do. He call the investors. To charter the plane, we must need around 70 lakhs more, some people invested. And at last, we can take a breather. But nothing seems to be going well, might be God is not on our side. The scheduled for Shillong show was posponded, the new scheduled surely clashed Mizoram show.

The Shillong show was posponded to 19 December, that was exactly the fixed scheduled of Mizoram show. Why, why, why…. Only heaven knows the truth. Then after doing all the jobs that were very tiresome for almost one month, we’re again on high stake.

“Mizoram show is now shifted to 23 December..” that’s from Firehouse India tour manager, we cancelled the AR Ground, and the AR guys says Carnival is to be held on the ground, and no more bookings. No time to spend, we went to Brigade & Ramhlun Sport Complex. At this time, the worse news hit us.

We talked to Bill Leverty, Firehouse Bassist, at last, he said that, “After posponding the Shillong show, we have cancelled the Aizawl and Nagaland shows, our VISA is expiring now, we must leave on 21st December, this Shillong guy and Mr Choudhury, India tour manager, messed-up the whole thing, we’re extremely unhappy about this,” that was the final words, nothing more to expect, no hope…. we collapsed on the floor. Some people blames us, some try to console…. that was the story.

We spent all ours, nothing to take back. But Tupac says Life Goes On. Depression almost kills me, but now, I’m starting a new life with new leafs. Just like my childhood days, the world is mine, I’m happy to come through such things.

Zoa Tlau

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  1. 15
    ZOaTLAu Says:

    Bthana Tribal Tech chu Scott Kinsey band kha maw le, Vanapa Hall-ah JAzzy nite turu lutuk kan hmang pen kha. AN bassis burkle(?) zirtirtu kha bon tawp. A video ka nei mai thei nia aw… min biakthat chuan

  2. 14
    Bthana Says:

    Tribal Tech an lo kal lai om reng2 ka hre lo. ka hriat sual anih loh chuan.

  3. 13
    ammi Says:

    @anon serious abt Aerosmith coming to mumbai???

  4. 12
    curie Says:

    Firehouse sawi takah chuan Tribal Tech Aizawl kal chanchin hi ka hre ve zui lo a,enge an an le? miten an lo lawm em?a hria ten han sawi teh u….pls

  5. 11
    Pope Says:

    Lessson - no middleman asp Indian middleman

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