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Rawtna – II (comment chungchang tho)

Wednesday, February 17th, 2010

Samuela rawn post chiah khu a tha hle a, chuan he thil hi kan han belh ve duh lawk a ni.

Comment kan reply hian, kan reply na te hming hi han sawi thei i la chuan, midangte tan pawh chhiar a awlsam phah deuh ang.


#23 na khi ka thlawp e. A sawi tha khawp mai.

#45 na khi ka pawm lo kei chuan. etc etc

Comment number chauhva reply chuan a buai theih. Achhanchu…


SMS Delete palh hmuh kir leh dan (Nokia s60 hmang ho tan)

Wednesday, January 13th, 2010

Tihpalh liau liau avanga sms pawimawh tak kan lo delete palh anih chuan a hnuaia step tawi te hmang hian a zawnchhuah leh theih e:
1. I handset ah khan File Explorer engpawh (eg. Fexplorer) install rawh.
2. File explorer hmangin i handset-ah Message save nan a i drive hman ( Phone Memory or Memory Card) kha Open rawh. (more…)

Mizoram I.T

Thursday, December 17th, 2009

Excerpt from Mizo Christian Global Network Website

“Information Technology Jobs for Mizoram: In 1998, John Thanglura Darlong introduced us to Lalthlamuana (Muana) and we committed to work on Information Technology with him. Muana was an IT staff with Central Govt. in Delhi. We wanted to start a software company to train unemployed Mizo engineers and get consulting work. Our motivation and desire was to find jobs for our many unemployed young people and learn business skills. We also met the owner of Olive Technology, Hyderabad and a Chinese American MBA, both fine Christians who wanted to help us. Muana was quite excited and we communicated heavily via ICQ. Our Chinese friend became suspicious of Muana and left us. We called our Mizo company, “Information Technology Consultant Services (P) Limited,” or INFOTECH. It so happened at that time that Mizoram P&E and PWD were interested to use electronic payroll and billing system. Muana went to Aizawl to bid for the contracts. His TV interview in Aizawl was the last we heard of him. Later, a concerned Mizo gave me a copy of an official document showing that he got those contracts with our company, using Olive Technology as a reference and was paid a huge sum of money. During my visit to Mizoram, I voiced my concerns of Muana’s character based on my personal experience to the then Chief Secretary, H. Lalringa and also to the Chief Minister. The state IT position was offered to Muana regardless. We were cheated by a Mizo who is now possibly responsible for IT matters for Mizoram.”

Kan I.T hotu ber hetiang a lo nih chuan, a va zialo awm ve aw. Enge inngaihdan vele?

5 ways Google Mail makes life easier

Wednesday, December 16th, 2009

Google Mail conversation chains
YouTube Preview Image


Misualdotcommers Charity and MI + Thawhlawm dawn tawh report

Tuesday, December 15th, 2009


(via Kawlhawk) :Mirethei,Chanhaite pual ‘Bawm’ chu… Dawr nghaktu nula fel leh hmeltha tak tak ten i hming(nick) leh i thawh zat an lo ziak ang a. Tlawmngai leh in hawng taka an dawra Bawm hun min phalsaktute hi kan hre reng ang! Computer leh a kaihhnawih,Mobile Handset pawh tlawm taka zawrhna hmun: GI Infotech chu…

A dawngtu tur mirethei leh fahrah,chanhaite hre rengin leh ka thian,mi in phal leh in pe tak tak(misual.commers)te hre rengin Rs.500/- chu ka thlak ta a.


“Draft” atangin “Pending” ah aw

Friday, August 21st, 2009


6. In post hi Draft ah a la awm chuan ziah belh tur in la nei ah kan lo ngai a , in topic kha in duhthusama in ziah zawh tawh chuan Pending ah khan rawn thehlut ang che u.

- “Ka Post.. Khawnge I Awm?”
(more…) feature thar chungchanga Pu Bena kawmna

Friday, August 14th, 2009

Hei siamchhuaktupa Ben-a hi Misual Times (MT)  chuan kawmna hun kan nei hlauh mai a. a feature thar pahnih Edit Comment leh Report Abuse chungchang hi zawh kan duh chu a ni ber a kan han zawt nghal tawp ange -

MT – Pu Ben Enge a Edit Comment leh Report Abuse hi?

Ben – Edit comment kha kan sawi phawt anga. ah hian comment in post a. Mahse a spelling te in lo ti diklova, a nih loh pawn in thu ziah kha in duh ang chiah in sawi hma in in submit a.  A hnu ah in edit correct leh duh ta a. Hemi tan liau liau hian “edit comment” plugin chu kan install a. Hemi hmang hian in comment te hi a edit theih reng ani. A tirah khan minute nga chhung chiah edit na hun pek tir kan tuma mahse kha kha a fuh ta chiah loh avangin edit theih rengin kan siam ta nih kha. A hmangtuten in tangkaipui kan beisei a bik takin Mzvision leh H.Vangchhia te (a nui suk tah hian Pu Bena chu)


Australia Zomi website launched

Tuesday, July 14th, 2009

The new website for Zomi community residing in Australia has been launched.. U can visit the site at . Site contents will include – traditional, gallery, events and much more…

Please visit and register.

Thlalak Post Chungchang

Wednesday, June 24th, 2009

Pu Admin, misual.coma thuziak pakhat “Mizo siamchhuah, hmantlakloh” Ruthi_i_Pa_Lunglei tihin a post a thlalak dah hi he thlalak neitu phalna lova dah hi ani a, hei amahin min rawnbia a, alungawiloh thu a sawia, khawngaihtakin in lo paih sak thei em?


“Ka Post.. Khawnge I Awm?” (leh Picture post dan)

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2009 user thenkhatin in topic thehluh publish chungchangah zawhna in rawn nei zeuh zeuh a. In zawhna langsar ber chu – “Engtik nge ka thil rawn post kha in publish dawn? ” tih hi ania.

In topic kan publish hian heng point te hi kan en hmasa tlangpui-

1. “First In First Out” (FIFO) or “First Come First Served” hi a basic rule chu ania .  A rawn lut hmasa sa kha kan lo publish hmasa  .

2. Hemi bakah hian thil kan rawn publish kha vawikhat ah publish nghal vek lovin an inkarah dar kar 3-4 vel hi kan dah tlangpui. Ni khatah hian topic 4-6 hi kan publish thei tlangpui . MAHSE “Breaking News” eg Mi lar boral thu/Election Result  etc relevant to Mizoram te in rawn submit te nih chuan kan chhuah nghal ang. Mizoram lam breaking news a nih kher loh pawn a tul dan azirin kan rawn publish nghal ang.