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Keipawh ka lawm e.

Saturday, July 7th, 2012

Saint samoo leh mahminga keipawh ka lawm e .


Lallianmawia – Nghilh bik suh aw Rinpui.


Za ka tlin ve e

Thursday, April 28th, 2011

Hmanni khan TuaiSiala khan a century siam lawm nan nge mawni ‘100’ tih kha a rawn post a; khatatang khan ‘keipawh za ka tlin ve hun chuan a hranpain post ka siam ang’ ka lo ti rilru ve rauh rauh a. Tunah hei, Pathian zarah za chu ka lo tlin ve ta reng mai.

Ka thu post tawh ho leh ka comment na velah in duhloh zawng emaw in rilru tihnatna ka lo nei a nih chuan in mi hriatthiamna ka ngen a che u. Ngaihdam dil che u pawh ka duh viau naa; mihringin ngaihdamna kan neihloh avangin ka dil lo mai ang che u.

He site-ah hian 2007 kum laihawl vela tang khan ka lut ve á¹­an a; á¹­ha ka tiin ka hlawkpui á¹­hin kher mai. A tir chuan in register dan ka thiam loh avangin silent reader-ah ka á¹­ang á¹­hina; ka in register achinah chuan a khat tawkin thilte ka post in comment-te pawh ka pe ve ta fo mai.


Award hlan tawh ah tu thlengin ‘My Father’s Songs’ in la dawng ve lo

Thursday, April 21st, 2011

source :-
Kum 1987-ah khan C. Luri khan award a dawng a, chutih chuan C. Luri hian a album pakhat a larpui vanglai chho kha a ni. Mahse, award an hlanna ber kha tun thlengin a la dawng lo thung. Tunah kum 24 hial a tling ta.

Kum 24 kalta khan C. Luri hian album hlawhtling zet leh tun thlenga a album an la hralh chhuah — My Father’s Song album a ti chhuak a, he album hi C. Luri tan chuan Mizoram rimawi khawvela a hming rawn chher tak takna leh mi hriat a hlawh zual na ber a ni pawh ti ila, kan ti sual tampui lo mai thei a.

He a album hi tun thlengin hralh chhuah la nia hriat a ni bawk a. Chuti khawp chuan album hriat hlawh leh hriatreng tlak, hmana an duh em em kha tun thlengin an la duh reng tihna a nih chu.

C. Luri pawhin khatih lai khan a la naupan thu a sawi a, khatih lai hun khan radio-a la zai ngai lo tan chuan album siam chu theihloh tluka ngaih a ni a. Mahse, C. Luri chuan a pa hriatrengna atana tih a duh ve tho bawk nen. “Ka u te khan min risk sak tawp a. Khatih lai kha chuan radio artiste nih loh chuan cassettee an siam ngai lo kha a nia; mahse, kan tum ruh ve em a,” a ti..

more at source

Hmeichhe Pakhat hnena ka lehkha thawn – Part II

Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010

The next day evening ……

I am surfing Facebook !! You once let me remove one pic from Orkut just because I put my arms around you .. that too was hardly visible.. But in this pic one guy has his hand around you visibly but you have no problem at all…I still remember those things too… I remember things for long dear….. I don’t know how will you behave if you see me putting hands around another girl… You just get angry even when only doubting that I am still outside yesterday.. But when i say something about you, u will say “they are just my friends.. no problem at all”

So u mean if another guy put his arms around you.. you have no problem of  finger pointing.. but when it comes to me you are scared….
Have u ever think about it? Even your Orut pics has lots of pics where some other guy hold you very tight.. Are you offended? The same time i upload one pic and it was a taboo for you.. What was the difference? You don’t have problem with them but me..

And yesterday when I took your friend to hospital and come back home, I sense your behavior change abruptly and now you are behaving like nothing happened…What about all the night outs that you go with other friends of yours? Do you ever even think what should I be feeling then? What if I go night out with some of my female friends? What would you think?


Sunday, May 24th, 2009
  1. Ka nun, ka hun hlu zawngte,

Koh kir theih chang se aw,

Nun khua bul tan leh turin;

Hun rei ka kham lovang.

Ka Duh loh kha ka duhin,

Ka hriat hi ka hre duh lovang,

Ka buaina a dang dawn si.

Tih loh tih zawk tur ka nei fo,

Sual dai lo tura duan lah ka ni si lo

Ka hneh loh, ka ngam loh hunte,

An liam ta, siam that theih an ni ta lo.


A theih hrih loh !

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

HSSLC (Plus 2) result a chhuak a. Dar 10:30AM a tihchhuah a ni a. Dar 10:44AM khan MBSE in ah chuan ka lut a. Ka thianpa fapa result ka search ta a, hetiang hian a lo inziak.

Hei, link hi ka blog ami a ni a, image chu lo la mai teh. Ka hman tawh lo. Direct-a dah mai theih hian set ve teh a, i review leh ziah tho si a, a pawi vak em ni, image hi? ka ti ve deuh mai mai. :-D

MBBA website

Thursday, June 12th, 2008

Image: MBBA

I learned about the existence of the official website of Mizoram Basketball Association (MBBA) from one of the comments in Sandman’s blog. It contains some pretty interesting articles and photos. A must visit for all basketball lovers.
Below is and excerpt from an article by Liansangluri, the MBBA’s former Executive Member


Mizo website from Kolkata

Monday, May 5th, 2008

I ‘ve always thought Mizos in Kolkata are hard to find in the online world. May be they quite invaded the IRC channels where I do not set foot. I ‘ve met a lot(Mizos) online but never anyone from Kolkata.

Doing a search of domains (using containing the words “kolkata” and “mizo”, there is one domain and there is a website alive! It’s the website of Kolkata Mizo students. Welcome aboard! Finally, a Mizo community website based out of Kolkata.

Your first destination – the photo gallery :-) Registered on Nov 22, 2007! Quite new! No wonder we did not know it exists.

YMM goes online ?

Friday, March 28th, 2008

A minute ago, Google Alert service found this website: It runs on WordPress with default Kukrick theme. The first post is “Youth Movement for Mizoram thiltumte“.

Is this their official website/blog? The domain was created on 26-Mar-2008. Registration detials:

Registrant Name:YMM
Registrant Organization: Youth Movement for Mizoram
Registrant Street1:Aizawl

Liverpool tantute tan blog thar

Monday, March 24th, 2008

Mizorama Liverpool tantute’n duh duh kan sawi theih nan blog thar siam a ni ta. ah a duh tan titi theih a ni ta e.