News Ruk chungchang

October 4th, 2006 2:33 pm | whatever | zocop | 369 Views

Mi website atanga news ruk thin hi mizo te tih awm i ti em? hian an news te hi khawi atangin nge an neih ve le…. zotalk post hnu ah an post a a in ang chiah thin maw le.. a topic tak ngial pawh zuk la edit peih lova.

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  1. 15
    spikey Says:

    like they said above, its plagiarism whether its published or not..its not stealing its worst.

  2. 14
    benjamin Says:

    Tunah hian a mi hi a nih ang ang in la leh tawh niin a lang. Correct me if I am wrpng

  3. 13
    ScripteR Says:

    Ni e !! a source a dah tel kha a poi khawp mai!! a khawihtu pawh kan thlak tawh e!! kan tih palh liau liau a ni e, in ngaihdam na sangber kan dil nghal bawk e!

  4. 12
    zocop Says:

    Mi website atanga news kan copy a nih chuan a sources tal kan dah dawn lawm ni, dawt lo dah ta ila a mawh an phur ngam dawn em ni, chu vang chuan fihlimna tur chuan a sources dah thin hia va fel ve, harsa leh hahtaka news te hi collect a ni a, chu vangin website a dah tur chuan a collect ve mai dawn lawm ni

  5. 11
    tawia Says:

    it can be one more thing, they have the same news provider (something like and or one of them is copying from the other. If thats the case they should have written the source

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