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October 4th, 2006 4:38 am by TheHumanBot

New product release from Google doesn’t sound news to me anymore. It’s become a daily thing. Google yesterday released Google Gadgets, which you have already seen as addons in Google personalized Home Page . Google Gadgets will give you the code you can embed in your website or blog.


I don’t say that Google Gadgets are too bad for the health of your webpages – there are some exceptionally useful plugins like the Bookmarks widget or the Technorati Tracker – but the majority of them are useless and will not add any value to blogs or websites.

warns Amit

There are 1220 of them. There’s even one for Internet slang translation.

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3 Responses to “Google Gadgets”

  1. 1
    khumchikthei Says:

    Khai a, Ben Gates a notebook a first page a ziak hmasa berah ka inngai.


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  2. 2
    urdubat Says:

    khumchikthei in nuam a ti tlat

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  3. 3
    cotdarz Says:

    Khai a, tinge comments a lo ruah vek le..

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