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Tuarna pawh hlawk na.

Thursday, August 31st, 2006


Krista ka lungpui leh ka in humhimna,
Manganni a ka bik na hmun;
Ka thla I thukru a I van inhawng chhungah,
Buaina ten an chim phak lo.

Thlipui lo hrang mahse,
Hlauhawm engpawh lo thleng se la;
Ka tan I hlut zia ti zual tu an lo ni,
Tuarna pawh ka tan hlawkna.

Khawvel sualna sang zel kara leng kanni,
Thenkhat ten tisa an chhuanga;
Keini thlarau zara Krista chhuang tu te chu,
A van ‘Manna’ in min chawm a.

Khawvel hi chhuahsan a,
Pa hnen hawng turin ka leinun hian kar min dan a;
Lei In hi chhuahsan a van taksa sin hun tur,
Chu mawlh chu ka lungkham ber.

Robinson Crusoe’s raft found in Chennai

Thursday, August 31st, 2006

Robinson Crusoe is better known among movie buffs by his other name Pierce Brosnan. He is the only living cast away besides Tom Hanks. Another fact not much known about Robinson Crusoe is that he is the only guy ever to get his job done by Friday. Below is picture of the raft left behind by the cast away in Chennai.

The raft

The old man at sea, the witness to the finding


Van mawng pawp

Do you guys like new system

Thursday, August 31st, 2006

I dont know about u guys but i feel WordPress is not a good CMS (its a bloging software) why dont we shift to Joomla/Mambo.

Let us decide once again.

Mizo Lyrics

Thursday, August 31st, 2006

Mizo Lyrics i duh em? Chu pawh a la nilo rawn thawh ve teh lyrics i neihte..Mahse mizo ni se aw! ah hian han en ve chin teh

Warning: Virus on orkut corrupting data

Thursday, August 31st, 2006

The SysAds people in our workplace have been notifications from Different Sites regarding virus spreading through “ORKUT”.

Orkut, a messenger which is accessible only to Gmail account holders is well-known to enable friendship cultivate among its various users and most of the Secf users are using this messenger.

The worm uses a message in Portuguese to entice people to click on a file that is disguised as a JPEG image, FaceTime Security Labs said in a statement.

The initial file, called “minhasfotos.exe,” creates two additional files on a user’s system, “winlogon_.jpg” and “wzip32.exe,” . When the user, after the initial compromise, clicks on the “My Computer” icon in Windows , an e-mail with his or her personal data is sent to the anonymous attacker

Google confirmed the worm. “We are aware of this issue and will have a temporary fix in place within the hour,” a company representative said in an e-mailed statement. “We are working on a more permanent solution for users to guard against these malicious efforts.”

But recently, this site, has been infected with a worm that seems to be corrupting data in the computer. This worm is capable of stealing bank details and other personal data from users via Orkut.

For more details visit:-

‘Last Photo’ from atop the World Trade Center

Thursday, August 31st, 2006

Its fake and I once saw it in a leading Mizo daily when I was in Mizoram :o (…won’t mention the name here though :D). I think the image caption was something like “…ngaihtuahna a ti kal thui khop mai”

Click here to know why it is fake.

No Bed of Anthuriums

Thursday, August 31st, 2006

Last week anthuriums bred in Mizoram were exported to Dubai amid a blitz of publicity. It was the first time ever that an export of this kind was being made, and these species of flowers being widely cultivated by many local floral breeders, hopes were high that a lucrative new line of business was about to open up.

However, the people behind the move, Zopar Exports Pvt Ltd, are not finding it very easy going. Although the flowers have reached their destination, transport charges were very high with a single stalk costing as much as 24 Indian rupees. Also the rate for the sales has not yet been settled and negotiations are still underway. Morever the buyers have certain preferences regarding the species of anthuriums. Tropical, gabriella, judith and terra cheers apparently have a better market than others such as figo, rosa, laguna, president, monet etc. Other bestsellers Midori, choco, casino and acropolis were not part of last week’s consignment. Local growers, of which there are an estimated 300, say they have some 20 varieties of anthurium. Still, there’s a huge gap between local and export sales, and Zopar are finding they may have bitten off more than they can chew.

MzSports :: Aug.31

Thursday, August 31st, 2006

Wai Wai Cup quarter final khelh zawh a ni ta : Naktukah Semi Final khel dawn
Tunah chuan kan sawi mek Wai Wai Cup pawh match 3 chiah en tur kan nei ta. Niminah quarter final khelh zawh a ni a, lung a leng lawk mai dawn a lawm le.
Nimin inkhel hmuhnawm tak kha en lote ka va hlep em. Lammualah hmuhnawm a awm kan ti a, a hmuhnawm tak tak. Aizawl khawpawn atanga lokalten fans an nei tha fu mai. An khawchhuak; lekhazira Aizawla awm leh thil dang dang vanga Aizawla khawsaten tha takin an tawimawm tih a lang reng a, an tih tur dik tak an ti a ni. A hma niah Lammual duh ai mahin a diak a, niminah erawh a zia viau. Duhthusam erawh a ni lo chungin khabak kha kan beisei chuang lo. Tichuan match hmasa berah Aizawl West II chuan Saitual 4-1 a sawpin East II te Wai Wai Cup a\ang hnawtchhuaktu Saitual game a fuh tlat lo. Match hnihnaah ka sawi mek leh beiseiawm Hnahthial chuan Mamit 2-0 a hnehin Aizawl West I leh Lunglei North palzuttu Hnahthial hi an la chetha tluang zel. Match thumnaah North II hnehtu East I chuan Lungpho 2-1 a hnehin inbuatsaihna hun neih loh vanga beisei pawh nei sang em em lo East I-te hi an chetha tawlh tawlh a ni ber a. Player pawh a neitha thawkhat. Mahse inbuatsaihna hun an neih loh bakah practice-na hun an neih loh em a vangin hun thlawl zawk nena he hun hmuah an chak thu an sawi mek a ni. Mahse player nei tha an ni bawk a, an game a inman tawlh tawlh zelin a lang. Inkhel hnuhnung berah Lunglei South leh Kolasib an innuai tawk hle a. Lunglei hi vanneiin 1-0 in an chak ta. Chakna goal leh goal awmchhun thuntu hi striker Liantluanga a ni a, a ni hi Mizo Aw Sports chuan top scorer turah ka ngai deuh a..
Naktuk semi final :
Match hmasa zawkah Hnahthial leh Aizawl East I an innuai dawn a, dar 12:00-ah. A hmuhnawm dawn tih sawilawk har lo leh sual lo tur a ni. Match hnuhnung zawk dar 2:00-a khel tur Aizawl West II leh Lunglei South pawh hi a nep dawn lo.A nep dawn lo mai a ni lova a hmuhnawm dawn. En lote kan hlep leh dawn a ni mai. Chuvangin Footballl hmuhnawm ti zawng zawng chu Zirtawpniah AR Ground-ah kim vek mai tur.

Tennis luhchilh rawh : Academy-ah luh i duh em ? Kawng a awm a nia..
Tennis thiam tuma zir duh tan zirna hun All India Tennis Association chuan a buatsaih dawn a. Mahni duh dan dana khel ve mawp ni lo tunlai tawng taka Academy chhuak ngat kan tih ang deuh hian a bulthum(Grass root level) atangin mipa naupang leh hmeichhe naupang kum 10-12 inkar tan ATA chuan training pek tur a zawng mek a ni.Tennis khel tawh thin leh la vaw ngai miah lo tan pawh hmun a awm vek. A zira zir tur a nih dawn a vangin thiam sa kher a ngai chuang lo. Zir tur thlanna hi Aizawl Tennis Club-ah September hi 11 leh 12 khian neih a ni dawn a, zir tlaka ngaihte chu National Tennis Academy, Gurgaon-ah enkawl zui an ni dawn.
Eizawnna a vang a, lehkhathiam hna hmu lo kan tam kan tih mek lai hian helam kawngah hian a tui leh thiam, tih tak taka ti tan chuan kawng a awm. Infiamna dangah chuan India ramah hriat kan hlawh ta viau a, Tennis-ah erawh chhuan tham engmah hnuhma kan la nei lo. Chuvang he lama kawngsattu kan ni thei tih hi hriat a pawimawh a.Hyderabad naupang Sania Mirza pawh khawvel hriatah a invawrh thei a nih chuan India ram hriatah hian engah nge Mizo hmeichhia leh mipa te kan invawrh ve theih loh ang. India mai ni lo khawvel hriata kan invawrh ve hun tur hi helama tui leh thahnemngaite chuan tlumtea thlir takin an thlir reng a ni I faten a grass root level atangin tennis an zir ang a, anmahnin an zir phawt chuan kawng a awm tih hi chu a lang reng a ni. Enge, zir lem lo, puitlin hnua tui thar mai mai paw’n sang tak tak an thleng thei a lawm. Chuvangin academy chhuak tur an nih dawn a vangin i beisei pawh tisang nghal rawh. I tisual lovang. A pawimawh ber chu selection an neih hun turah hian i fate kal tir la, tennis khawvel luhchilh tak tak turin tun atang khan i fate rilru buatsaih tum rawh. (Hrechiang duh chuan Ph-2340915 & 2343820-ah zawhfiah theih reng a ni)

Chelsea striker Didier Drogba an rim : AC Milan-ah a lut dawn em ni?
Chelsea striker Didier Drogba chu kan tarlan zuai tawh angin Serie A Club AC Milan chuan an lo beisei deuh tak tak roh a.AC Milan vice-president Adriano Galliano nen thawntanni khan Milan-a restaurant pakhatah an inbia tih thu Gazzetta dello Sport chuan tarlangin hemite pahnih hi minute 15 chhung vel an inkawm a, Real Madrid atanga Ronaldo an dawr hlawhchham takah chuan 30 million euros (38.4 million dollars) vela lak chhuah dan kawng an zawng dawn a ni.
Mak tak maiin kar kalta kartawpa Chelsea ten Blackburn Rovers 2-0 a an hneh tum khan Drogba hi Mourinho 1st eleven-ah a tel lova, second half-ah erawh rawn lutin goal a thun nghe nghe. Kum 28-a upa striker chak zet mai hi kum 2004 July thla khan Mourinho chuan French Club Marseille atangin 24 million pounds (45.6 million dollars) zetin a lei a nih kha. 2004-05 season khan game 40 Chelsea tan a khelhah goal 16 a thun a, kum 50 chhunga a vawikhat nan Chelsea chu Premiership title a lakpui a ni. Ivory Coast international hi Milan hian an rim tak tak a nih chuan transfer deadline pelh hmaa an lak fel hman a ngai dawn a, chuti a nih chuan vawiin chiah hun a awm tawh tihna a nih chu. Milan hian an striker Andriy Shevchenko chu Chelsea-ah 30 million pounds zetin thlahmasa deuh lawk khan an lei tawh a, Drogba hi Milan lamah a kal ve thung mai ang em?

Mizo Aw News :: Aug 31

Thursday, August 31st, 2006

Sihtlangpuiah Sakei A Hrâng : Tawkthanga seh a tum
Lawngtlai leh Saiha inkar, Sihtlangpui khua (Kawlchaw thlenhma lawk) ah Pu Tawkthanga (44) chu Sakei-in seh tuma a veh reng avangin Khawtlangin an buaipui hle a. Lairam Editor in a sawi danin Pu Tawkthanga hi laihrui chah sa a piang (upa-in Sakeiin a seh duh an tih thin) a ni a. Aug. 15, ‘06 atang khan Sakei hian veh in, an In hnuai-ah te kalin, a ke hniak te pawh hmuh a ni a. Sakei hi vawi 2 an hmuh tawh avangin Pu Tawkthanga chu pawn chhuak ngam lovin Aug 18 atang khan a awm tawh a, YMA leh khawtlang chuan zantin riah puiin, chhun-ah pawh khawtlangin an veng thin.
Sihtlang VCP chuan Forest Dept.-ah kah phalna an dil a, Forest Dept . te chu a hmunah kal in an enfiah a, a ke hnu thla te an la a, Sakei anih erawh an ringlo thung. “In kah chuan na takin action lak a ni ang,” an ti a, khawtlang erawh chuan an hrethiam lo hle a, mihring nun chhanhim nan chuan kan kap dawn tho a ni, an ti thung.
Sakei hi a nu, sum 5 vel bawr niin a hmu tuten an sawi a, Paithar Pastor leh 407 driver pakhat pawhin an hmu a, Sakei fing tak a nih an rin thu an sawi. Tunah hian Sihtlangpui khawtlang chuan an manganpui hle a, Pu Tawkthanga hian fa 4 neiin, loneimi a ni a, pawn a chhuah ngam loh avangin hna a thawk thei lova, Lawngtlai Dist. MJA te chuan tlawhin Rs 500/- in an tanpui a ni.(Zara)

MZP In Chawngte College Principal Chhuah Tir Ngei An Tum
Kamalanagar (Chawngte) College Principal KP Nath-an College Magazine a Kristian a sawi dan chungchang chu MZP Southern Hqrs. Lunglei chuan nimin piahkhan an Pisa pui-ah an ngaihtuah.
Thu-chhuah siamin, MZP Southern Hqrs. chuan KP Nath-a hian Kristian sakhua sawichhiatna leh, chi leh chi inkara buaina chhuak thei thil/thu a ziah vanga duhlohzia lantir nan Aug. ‘06 ral hma ngeia Mizoram chhuahsan tura hriattir a nih tawh thu leh Chakma ho in hum ruk an tum nia a lan avangin, hemi enfiah tura nimin khan Chawngte an pan dawn thu an tarlang. Chawngte lam pan hian MZP Southern Hqrs. Lunglei atangin first trip in engemawzat an kal a, thawhhnihna (2nd trip) a kal duh, ‘Mizo hnam hum him a, Kristian tawh phawt’ kal duh zawng zawngte chu Sept. 4, 06 ral hmain, MZP Pisapui Venglai, Ph:2322524-ah inhriattir tur a ni thu an tarlang bawk.
First Trip-ah hi Vice Pre. K.Lalrithanga leh GS C.Vanrosanga hovin an kal a. President Joseph Lalremngheta hovin Office thutchilh pawl an awm bawk.
Tarlan tawh angin KP Nath-a hian an College Magazine-ah article 3 vel ziakin, Christian leh Muslim sakhaw bia te tana ngaihhuat theih tur a tarlang nasa hle a. Kristian te Pathian chu a hmangaih mihringte hnena lirnghing leh chhiatna tam tak thlentir thintu-ah a puh a ni.

Rajiv Gandhi Akshay Urja Diwas kharna hun Vana Pa Hall-ah Hmang
Nimin khan Vana Pa Hall-ah Rajiv Gandhi Akshay Urja Diwas kharna hun hman a ni a, LOk Sabha MP Vanlalzawma chu khuallian a ni.
Kharana inkihawm hi Vanengmawia, IAS, Aizawl D.C., Chairman, District Advisory Committee chuan kaihruaiin khuallian chuan Mizoram-ah he programme hian hriat la hlawh lutuk lo mahse India ram chuan Renewable Energy (chakna tih thar zel theih) hi a ngaipawimawh a, Thli, Tui leh Nizung hman tangkaina atan hian sorkar laipui chuan hma ala nasa in Mizoram-ah pawh tan a lo nita chu lawmawm a tih thu a sawi. He ni pual a Essay leh Slogan inziah siak lawmmante a sem nghal a, lawmman dawngtute chu-
Slogan :
1. Lallungmuana Head of Department (Sociology), Pachhunga University College
2. C. Chawngthantluanga Zotlang, Aizawl
3. Wilfred Lalruatfela Tuikhuahtlang, Aizawl
Essay :
1. R. Lalmuanpuii d/o R. Lalfakzuala Dawrpui School of Science & Technology
2. Mark V. Vanlalrema s/o V. Lalzawnga Pachhunga University College
3. C. Malsawmkima s/o C. Thangliana Dawrpui School of Science & Technology
Rajiv Gandhi Akshay Urja Diwas hi Rajiv Gandhi piancham August 20 ah hman tan tura ruahman a ni nain Mizoramah chuan Sunday a nih avangin August 19 khan hman tan a ni.

Sazuk Sarep Zawrh Man
Association for Environmental Preservation (ASEP) chuan Narain Bahadur Thapa, Tinghmun sazuk sarep zawrh an mansak a, Thapa hian Sakawrdai chhehvel Vaitin, Zohmun,etc. atanga an rawn ken fun khat Rs.80-a an lakchhawn thin thu a sawi. ASEP chuan hetianga ram sarep zuar hi tunlaiin an tam riau nia sawiin thuneituten ngawrh zawka hma la tura an duh thu an sawi. Hetih lai hian DFO Pu Lalrinmawia ina vahui lenglut chu lo enkawla a chhuah zalen nia sawi chuan DFO tihawm tak a ti tiin lawmawm leh entawntlak an tih thu an sawi. Mi thenkhatten nungcha dimdawina nei lova Tlawng Lui tura an hrai vak mai tha lo an tih thu an sawi bawk a, mihring tanpawha tha lo thlen thei a nih avangin hetiang thil tha lo thleng tawh lo se an duh thu leh thil tisualtute an dem thu an sawi.

BPL tan puanthui zirna hawng
Nimin khan SJSRY Aizawl Project hnuaia Aizawl West-I Bial chhunga puanthui zirna Community Kendra Tailoring Centre chu hawn a ni ta a, he Centre-ah hian a hmasa ber atan BPL chhungkua atangin puanthui zirlai 20 thlan chhuah an nih bakah puanthui khawl leh hmanrua mamawh chi chi hrang hrang Centre-ah dah a ni bawk. Zirlaite hi thla ruk chhung training pek a nih dawna, thlatin stipend Rs.500/- pek an ni bawk ang.
Kum 2006-2007 chhunga SJSRY hnuaia trade hrang hranga training mek te chu hetiang hi an ni : Tailoring – 684, Computer – 171, Electronic – 93, Textile Designing – 23, Beautician – 219, Video Editing – 9, Painting – 12, Handicrafts – 3, Knitting – 3, Catering – 8, Carpentary – 41, Handloom -32, Driving – 130 leh Haircutting – 49. He Scheme hnuaiah hian kum 1997 atang khan mi 4165 laiin training an lo zo tawh.

MZP Chess & Chinese Checker-ah College Pariat
MZP Gen.Hqrs.-in vawiin leh naktuka Aizawl City College Chess & Chinese Checker Championship a buatsaih tur chu vawiin dar 11:00 hian a hawnna MZP Pisapuiah neih a ni dawn a, Mizoram sawrkar Principal Secretary Pu Vanhela Pachuau chuan a hawng ang. He Championship-ah hian College pariat an tel thei dawn a, chess hi mipa tan bik a ni a, College tin atangin zirlai 2 an tel thei a, Chinese Checker hmeichhe tan bikah pawh College atangin zirlai 2 zel tel theih a ni.

Zirtirtu Awm Tha Duh Lo Awm Leh Tan
Phuldungsei Constituency Mizo Students Union chuan Phuldungsei bial chhunga zirtirtu thenkhat awm tha duh lo leh nungchang thlahdahtak tak, naupangte entawn atana duhawm lo an awmleh tawhtih sawiin chhawr nahawm taka awm turin an phut a, he an phut ngai pawimawh lova awmzuianm awm chuan tumah an dim dawn lo an ti. Hma chhawn ngai an awm a nih pawhin an chungah eng pawh lo thleng se, mawh an phurh dawn loh thu an sawi.

Solo & Beat Competition
Nimin kha MZI Rising Day 26-na a ni a, Mizoram pumah Hqrs. Sub Hqrs. leh Branch tinten an hmang. MHIP chuan November ni 1-3, 2006-ah hmar chhak state zawng zawng huapa Aizawl lammuala Beat and Solo Competition neih tur atan Screening, City Centre, Milllenium Centre-ah neih tur a ni tih sawiin a hun tur la puan a ni ang an ti. Beat & Solo Competition-ah hian lawmman tha tawksiam ani dawn tih sawiin Mizoram state-in hui vek tura zaithiamte lo inpuahchah turin an hriattir.

Serchhip College Freshers Social,etc.
Govt. Serchhip College Students Union chuan nimin piah khan an Hall-ah Freshers Social-cum-SU Election an nei a, Freshers Social hi MZP Gen. Hqrs. hruaituten an hman pui a, an President Pu P.C.Laltlansanga khual zahawm niin Mizoram sawrkarin Baffacos pawisa a hman dik lohdan a sawi.

MZP Lakah MPCY Lawm
MPCY chuan MNF sawrkar chu Mautam avanga Baffacos pawisa sawrkar laipui atanga dawn chu MNF sawrkar chuan dik lo taka party thuneihna leh mahni thiltihtheihna hmanga mi retheite chan ai, mahni leh chhungkhat lainate hnena sem vak mai tiin vanduaithlak an tih thu an sawi a. Mi rethei hmuhsitna leh rahbehnaa an ngaih thu an sawi. MZP-in MNF sawrkar thil tih dandik lo huaitaka an puangchhuak ngam lawmawm an tih thu an sawi.

Lily Mipuiin V/C Nawr Dawn
Chaltlang Lily Veng Aizawl mipuite chuan September thla chhung ngeia Village Council (V/C) hrang an neih loh chuan thaeihtawpa hma lak an tum a, sawrkar duh loh zawnga hma an lak pawhin mipuiin mawh an phur lovang an ti. Nimin piaha veng V/C Demand Joint Action Committee leh NGO hrang hrang kalkhawm chuan veng mipuiin V/C hrang neih an duh avanga kum 2006 V/C thlan boycott an tum, LAD Minister-in April 2006-a V/C hrang pek a tiam avanga V/C thlanna an boycott tak loh chu vawiin thlengin pek an la ni ta lo a ni an ti.

Section Officer Hna Ruak
Staff Selection Commission hnuaiah Section Officer (Commercial Audit) hna a ruak a, B.Com. CA, ICWA lehCS chin tan dil theih a ni a, hrechiang duh tan District Employment Exchange Aizawlah zawhfiah theih a ni. Ni 15.9.2006 thlenga dil theih a ni.

Synod leh Transworld Radio
Transworld Radio (Radio Vishwa Vani), India chuan nimin leh vawiin hian Partners’ Conference, New Delhi-ah an a. Mizoram Synod atangin Rev. Chanchinmawia, Moderator pawh a tel ve. Transworld Radio hian Mizoram Synod nen tangkawpin Radio hmanga Mizotawng a zau zawka chanchin tha puandarh dan kawng an dap mek a, hemi chungchang zir chiang turin thlaleh khian Aizawlah an lo kal ang.

Tulian Tuar tan Vehbur Khawn Dawn
October 31 – November 4, 2006 inkar a neih tur National Integration Camp chu Mizoramin a thleng dawn a. Hemi chungchang a inbuatsaih dan tur nimin khan Mizoram Bharat Scouts & Guides chuan State Chief Commissioner Pu Zoliana Royte pisaah an rel. National Hqrs.-in a ngenna angin tun laia ruahsur avanga tuilian tuar Gujarat leh Maharastra state mipuite chhawmdawlna tur tanpuina pawisa thawn ve ngei ni se tiin a rel a. October thla chhung khian mipuite hnenah vehbur an khawn dawn a; an phal tawk pe theuh turin mipuite an ngen.

Celebrity fish dies

Thursday, August 31st, 2006

Where does this come from?


24 year old Bubba, a huge Shedd Aquarium grouper that became an instant celebrity — and inspiration to cancer patients —after becoming the first fish in history to receive chemotherapy and bounce back from cancer, has died.

“Every once in a while for the last three years we have been getting phone calls from kids with cancer or from their parents, wondering how he is doing,” said George Parsons, director of the Shedd’s Fish department.. “It’s going to be tough now, if I have to tell them he’s no longer with us.”

A preliminary animal autopsy shows Bubba had some age-related health issues and several abnormal growths.