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Kuthnathawktu picture update

Monday, April 30th, 2007


The end and the beginning

Monday, April 30th, 2007

This is the end and the beginning of Something I have been both too lazy and reluctant to announce. And partly I want it that way. This is the New Beginning I mentioned earlier. It actually happened at least two weeks ago.

At first I wanted to hand over the entire ownership and responsibility. I made the offer to the editors. No soul came forward and no one wanted me to quit. I made up my mind. We tried so hard and reached this far. I will keep walking.

Some of you might have noticed the changes. A few more changes in the coming days. Procrastination always got the better of me. Here I go after much delay. grew real lot bigger than I could ever imagine. Many many “big thank you’s” to all of you. I couldn’t handle the expectation and pressure and hence this new beginning. Also I wanted to get a life. I ended up spending too too much time on, writing/editing stories.

The yawning trick

Sunday, April 29th, 2007

(1) On your mark

Track you spouse or your gf/bf

Sunday, April 29th, 2007

By using this equipment you can track ur spouse, Bf/Gf or friend by their mobile number where ever they are or what ever they do Here’s a snap shot of that software.

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Okhay you want it know, go ahead Enjoy

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The poem which makes me cry

Sunday, April 29th, 2007

He poem ka chhiar hmasak ber hian ka mittui ka dang zo thlawt lo,A ril in a thuk riau a sin.A phhuah tu chan hi ngaihtuah ve mai mai teh u.Ka thiam ang tawk in kan let ve a ni e.

Ka thiantha ber min pek avanin hlimna an tih hi a awmzia ka hrethiama.Mangang changin thian hlutzia amah avangin hrilh chawp chuang ngailovein ka hrethiam thin.

I’m the prototype

Sunday, April 29th, 2007

I walked around with the strength of a thousand men
I’m the prototype
I’m the first of my kind
I will sting you like a scorpion
I will take to another verse
You will be tortured
but death wouldn’t come to you
as you have passed it
Your prayer will not safe you now
as you have missed the chance
Its your worse nightmare coming true
You have passed the ‘Rapture’
and you are left behind
not even a single soul will be there
to hear your plight
as each one of them have suffered the samething as you
Now you will be paid for evrything you have done
you will burn for eternity
Welcome to hell.

Ka dai zel dawn – Debbie

Sunday, April 29th, 2007

Kuthnathawktu iangin thalai inhmukhawm!

Sunday, April 29th, 2007

Misual dot commers phaia awmte tan chuan rawn tel ve theihna ‘chance’ a awm lo. Mahse in ‘moral support’ kan dawn tho a rinawm tlat. In vei ang vei mi 80 vel chu Inrinni(April, 28, 2007) khan Chanmari YMA Hall-ah kan kalkhawm a, he’ng thalai kalkhawmte hi journalist tuaithar, thalai University/College lecturer, thalai mahnia sumdawnga eizawng, thalai pawl thenkhata hruaitu leh thalai ram hmangaihtu engmah thawh nei chuang lo te kan ni hlawm a.

Thalaite sawrkar siamthat duh kalkhawmte ngaihthlak tur hian Vanglaini Editor K Sapdanga leh Pu Vanneihtluanga te chuan paper an present a, resource person-te’n paper an buatsaih an sawi zawh hian a duh apiangin thu an sawi.

Thusawitu hi chhinchhiah dan chuan mi 24 vel chiah chiah kan ni a, thusawitu chuan a tlangpuiin rorellai leh eptu party-a rinna an neih zawh tawh loh thu an sawi deuh vek.

Ka Thamral Leh Si Thin – Lalhmingsanga

Sunday, April 29th, 2007

The dude’s the 1st Runner in Youth Icon 2006. He’s got a home page here.

A Queen

Sunday, April 29th, 2007

Once in a lifetime, an absolute miracle, an event almost too marvelous to comprehend takes place. I know deep inside that i was missing something, a wonderous someone, some one i could only dare to dream about, dare to hope for! A Queen ! i could barely imagine a woman of honour, a female of realm of Love, the realm called ” Home”. Never trully expecting her to arrive, suddenly, magically on a star filled night, through bits and bytes in a special chat room, she appeared. A blazing star shinning so brightly, sent by God, falling straight into my heart, into my empty arms. A most spectecular star, unique amongst the multitude of heavenly hosts to me she being the most dazzlingof them all. A truely beautiful human being, a wonderouse woman created just for meand i for her…….