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Bulls and Bears

Tuesday, June 19th, 2012

There was a time when I found a new interest. I have been following news and facts about this new interest for more than a year and I was really into it. This interest grew exponentially as I learn more about its tricks and techniques and the main driving force was the hope of making some extra bucks. The first thing I did was to order a book online from Dalal Street Investment Journal which I thought would help me to understand more about Capital Markets and Trading. The book “The Stock market” was delivered within two days and I was given a concession of Rs 40 for ordering the book online. Well this book has a simple language and easy to understand examples about the whole Stock Market thing. For beginners who have developed this interests and wants to understand more about the Stock market operations and Trading. I’ll say its a good book.

Sparing my time everyday to read each and every chapter in this book, my interest grew beyond bounds. I remember I used to actually sit down with calculator to work on a Balance Sheet of Tata Steel and it helps. Operating margin , Profit Before Tax (PBT), Profit Before Interest and Tax (PBIT) etc was the terms I encountered and yes I kind of liked it. It makes sense to me that I learn every possible thing about a stock market before I dive in. Futures and Options was the topic that was difficult to understand. The underlying value of a commodity.. blah..blah..blah.. Hedging Funds etc ; the concept was nice to know.

The next step was to open a trading and DEMAT account to be able to trade on the Stock Market. In simple language, DEMAT account (Dematerialized account) basically is a repository where Shares are held in electronic format rather than in a physical form. It is analogous to your banking account but the only difference here is that you are holding your shares instead of Money. Eventually a Sharekhan salesperson visited my office to collect necessary documents and photographs and took my signature on different page of a lengthy blank form which he said he will be filling it up. I signed like 30 times on different pages of the form. This is where I dive into the Stock Market. Practically, the market phases of my life starts here and I became a part of the Bulls and Bears.


Kut hnathawh leh Khawtlang Nun

Friday, May 25th, 2012

India ram zirna (education) that tawklohna pakhat chu “Kut hnathawk” nen  a inzawmthalo hi a ni. Thiamna tipung tur anih laiin leh hnathawk peih mi chhewrchhuah hi Zirna (education) tum a nih laiin hmun tamtakah chuan zirna hian hnathawh peihlohvah min chhuah a, mi tikhawr ta zawk thin. Hei hi a fel lo hle a ni.

Kawlawm nena eizawnna atan chauhva zirnain min buatsaih a nih chuan a tum a thelh hle tihna a ni. Khawpuia lehkha zir vang emaw, ramdanga engemawchen zir vang emaw maia kut hnathawh uar tumlo ngawt te hi a zahthlak ngawt mai. Lehkhathiam kan nih avangin a tul hunah chuan kuthnathawh/ hna hrâm khawih pawh kan inhuam tur a ni a, lehkhathiam lo te aia thawkhlawk thei zawk tur, hmangchang hre zawk tur kan nih hi kan theihnghilh tur a ni lo.

Thawhrim hi englaipawhin khawvelin a hmusit ngai lo. Thawhrimna tluka ropui engmah a awm lova, a nê ek pha pawh a awm lo (There’s no substitute for hardwork) Nula leh tlangval tam tak, chhungte chawmhlawm a awm, an theih vena laiah pawh hnathawh tum lo kan tam ta hi a pawiin a hmuhsitawm hle a ni. Bible-ah phei chuan a khauh zawk hle. II Thesolonika 3:10 ah chuan “Tupawhin hna a thawh duhloh chuan ei pawh ei suh se” a ti hial a sin, hlauhawm tak a ni.

Mizoram Pensioner-ho Bulletin kawmah pawh “Beih hram hram hi hlawhtlinna (preserverance Triumphs) a ti bawk. An motto hi a ropui hle a ni.

India pawisa hlutna tlakhniam chungchanga thil hriat tur pawimawh te.

Thursday, May 17th, 2012

Hemi link hi lo en ve chhin rawh le.

Hindustan Times: Falling rupee, rising tensions

How does the currency market operate?

Like any other commodity, the exchange rate or price of a currency is determined by the laws of demand and supply. A stronger demand for the currency will push up its price and vice-versa.

What’s an exchange rate?

The exchange rate gives price at which currencies of different countries are bought and sold. An exchange rate of Rs. 50 to a dollar simply means that the value of one US dollar is equivalent to Rs. 50.

Why is the rupee falling?

Foreign institutional investors (FIIs) are cashing out and diving into safer investment bets such as US government bonds due to policy uncertainties such as General Anti-Avoidance Rule (GAAR). This is making dollars scarce and reducing demand for rupees. The spurt in crude oil prices has also pushed up demand for dollars for the import of crude oil.


ILP Chungchang

Monday, May 14th, 2012

Mizoram chhunga vai tam lutuk leh ILP pawh nei mumal lo a awm chungchang te hian sawi a hlawh viau rualin engtia han tih chiam chi nge tih hi hriatthiam a har a. Thuneitu lam demna leh duhkhawp lohna ang chi te pawh a ri nasa thin hle. Hman zanah DDK Aizawlah dan lam chungchang live phone-in programme ah khan ILP chungchang an sawi lai tak ka en fuh ve a, ka rilruah a awm ta deuh riau a, misual ho chhiar atan phuailuai ang reng deuhin kan tukpum ve thawr teh ang.

Vai awm nghuk reng hi ? : A ruka lo lut tawk chu awm ve reng mahse a tam zawk hi chu Mizo mipui ten kan sponsor vanga awm an ni. Sorkar hian sponsor tu neilo a luhtir ngawt lo, sorkar hnathawk (Gov’t servant) erawh chu sponsor an ngai lo. Tin, hnamdang, Mizoram chhunga Trade Licence nei te hian an dawra an chhawr tur hnamdang sponsor phalsak an ni bawk.  Hnathawk tur atana sponsor neia rawn lut si hi hnathawhna mumal pawh nei si  lo an vah huai huai chhan hi tu thiamloh nge ni ta ang? ILP application form leh ILP a inziak Pass holder leh sponsor te hriattur pawimawh hi ka han tarlang tuar phawt ang e.

Mi rethei chi hnih

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012

Political Field-a sawi hlawh ber pawl, tun sorkara VIP, India sorkar pawhin a ngaih pawimawh, retheite chungchang hi ngaihtuah tham a ni a. Engtin nge an lo changkan ve ang tih chu sorkarin a ngaihtuah ber pawh a ni.

Kawng dang deuhin ngaihtuah ila, heng mi retheite hi engvanga rethei nge an nih? Sorkar thiam loh nge anmahni? Anmahniah eng chen nge retheihna tibo turin tih theih awm ve tih lam pangte hi chhut tul ka ti ve mai mai thin. Heng mi rethei tia kan sawi thinte hi sum leh pai mamawh khawp an neih loh vanga rethei ta an ni ber a, a tawi zawngin an hausak loh avangin an rethei a ni!!

Ka ngaihtuah ve danah chuan mi rethei hi chi hnih an awmin ka hre thin a, chungte chu —

I sam kha an lei duh e

Monday, April 30th, 2012

Sam hi thil mak danglam ve tak ania, kan taksa a a beh lai hian kan uluk em em a, kan tifai hliau hliau thin a. Kan taksa atanga a awm hran tawh chinah hi chuan kan ten em em thung thin a…

Kumin kum tir lam khan Burma lam sumdawng kan mikhual a, sam an lei duh thu a sawi a. Ka awih vakloh avangin ka ngaihsak vak lemlo a. Tunhnai lawkah FB lamah post ka hmu leh a, keimah ang tho in awih lo an lo awm nual mai a.

Nimin khan kan mikhualpa chu a lo kal leh a, sam a rawn ken tel tak teuh avangin chik deuh takin ka zawt ta a, a mi hrilh dan chu hetiang hian ani e:-

Sam an lei duh chhan hi a nihna tak ah chuan an sumdawnna atan ani a. Thenkhat in a dawi thil nena an ngaih pawlh a an hlau tlat hi a diklo. An duh chhan ber chu saphu kawr an lei ho Burma lama hawn chhoh dawna a tuam na atan an duh ani. Saphu kawr an phurh thlen chu an hralh thin a, sam pawh chu sam lem siamna ah an hralh thin ani.

Bamboo: The next super material, says BBC

Wednesday, April 4th, 2012

Kan ram atangin truck trip leh lawng phur tam tak an la chhuak hum hum a. Mau (bamboo) hi hmanna 1500) a awm an tih chu.

Bamboo is being hailed as a new super material, with uses ranging from textiles to construction. It also has the potential to absorb large amounts of carbon dioxide, the biggest greenhouse gas, and provide some of the world’s poorest people with cash.

Bamboo’s image is undergoing a transformation. Some now call it “the timber of the 21st Century”.

Today you can buy a pair of bamboo socks or use it as a fully load-bearing structural beam in your house – and it is said that there are some 1,500 uses for it in between“.

Source: BBC World News.

Herhsawp, rawtuai leh cheraw kan nan chuan kan hmang ve lawm ni?

Khawngaihna Formula

Sunday, January 22nd, 2012

Engkim chunga thu neitu leh siamtu chuan Bible a kan hmuh ang in, tui leh khawmual, chhun leh zan, Ni leh thla leh arsi te an awm dan tur ang theuh in a then hrangin a awm tir a ni. Tin, chutiang ang zelin, khawmual hrang hrang te, ram hrang hrang te, ram pakhat chhungah pawh chuan state te, district te in kan in then hrang leh zel a. Hnam hrang, tawng hrang te in kan lo awm zel bawk a, tih dan in ang te chu a huho in kan awm ta zel a ni.

Keini MIZO te pawh hi Hnam angin Pathian in leilungah min lo dah chhuak ve a, a lawmawm tak zet a ni. Khawvel hmun zau zawk kan thlir erawh chuan Pathian in keini ho min duan dan hi a lungawi tlak lo emaw chu aw a tihtheih hial awm e. Mahse, Pathian ropui zia leh thiltìhtheih zia tih lanna kan ni tlatna hi a ropui ka titawp thei lo a ni.

Hei Leilunga min dahna hmun, lei thatna leh tui thatna hmun chu ni lo mahse, lei thatna hmuna tla te dinhmun nen angkhat deuhin min awm tir tlat a ni. Intohdelh lo tur hi kan intohdelh em em a nih hi!!


Call Center leh Mizoram

Sunday, January 15th, 2012

Mizo nula leh tlangval tam tak te hi Call center (BPO) a thawkin Delhi leh state hrang hrang ah kan awm a. Kei ngei pawh hi KPO (medical billing) ah ka thawk mek a. Inluah man to bawk si, vai ho lah hian North East ho hi mi an dah sang em em bawk si lo a. A chang chuan a ninawm thei khawp mai.

Pheichham man ta ila ka dil hmasak ber tur chu Call center hi Mizoramah awm ve se tih hi a ni. Kan economy hian a ngeih dawn em asin. Kan accent hi vai ho naran ai chuan sap ho hian hriat nuam an ti zawk bawk sia. Keima experience ngei angin nia ka sawi. Tunlai phei chu sap ho hian India aiin Philippines hna outsource nan an thlang tawh zawk. Philippine ho leh kan accent hi a in ang reng khawp mai. Call center ah hian fresher hlawh hi 10-12k a ni tlangpui a, experience nei leh tawng thiam/accent nalh deuh hi chuan 18-22k hi an hlawh pha a. Mizo zingah pawh mi hausa deuh an awm ve nual awm sia call center ah te hian invest tan ve se ka ti. Tlum tea thlirin thlir mai teh ang. :-(:-(

Tun lai Dubai titi

Thursday, January 12th, 2012

Tun kum thar tir chu, News leh social network lam ah, Dubai night club a an pawisa hman nasat zia a lar khawp mai, titi pui ber pawh ani. Post a tam vak lo bawka, kan post ve mai mai a nge…

January ni 2 khan, Cavali customer pakhat chuan AED- 387,988 = $105,431 = Rs. 54,31,832/- a hmang pawp mai a, chu mai chu a la ni lo… January ni 4 khan customer pakhat leh chuan Emirates Palace Hotel’s L’Etoiles night club ah AED- 478,056.88 = $1,768,807 = Rs 66,92,796/- a hmang leh hmiah mai.