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Zosap Pi Puii a boral

Wednesday, January 31st, 2007

Zosap Missionary Pi Puii (Miss G.P. Roberts) chuan India ram huna January 29 zan dar 8 khan Chatuan ram a pan ta. Pi Puii (Miss Gwyneth Parul Roberts) hi kan missionary-te zingah chuan a lar ber pawl a ni. A awm rei a, Durtlang Hospital a awp \hain damloten a rawngbawlna azarah damna an chang nasa a, Zoram khaw tinah hian Pi Puii enkawl dam an awm deuh vek a, a hmingthang em em a ni. Zoram Hmar chan Missionary-te zingah 19-na a ni.


I give up!

Wednesday, January 31st, 2007

This happened somewhere back in the early Nineties.

A person I know, who’s father is a missionary (retired IAS), born and brought up in Delhi, was nominated to read some verses from the Bible to start the DMZP get-together. I knew his Mizo wasn’t very good, so he approached the microphone with a copy of the Good News Bible and said, “Mizo tawng ka chhiar thiam vak lo a, Good News Bible atangin kan chhiar mai ange.”

Then I overheard a person (Mizo, of course) behind me mutter, “Mizo tawng a chhiar thiam loh chu sawi kher a van ngai lo tak.”

I for one know that, had this person, not said what he said, some other person at my back would have managed to mutter, “Sap tawnga chhiar kher a van tul lo tak.”

You can’t please everyone.

MPCC in Pu R. Tlanghmingthang office kal tur an dang

Wednesday, January 31st, 2007

Nichin mai 11 AM vel khan Mizoram Conngress Party te chu Pu R. Tlanghmingthanga, Health Minister office kal tur lo dang turin an pungkhom chiam a. An dan tum chhan MNF Sorkar in Helho hnena Pawisa a pek vang ni in an sawi bawk. Hetia an awmkhawm lai hian office chhung lam mihrung chu hmu in kalkhawm ho zinga mi pakhat chuan lung in a han vawm a. Mizoram Secretariat Block – B main gate bul darthlalang chu vawihnih han vawm in a vawm keh hial a ni. hetia office chhunga luh an tum hnu hian motor ah Aurinna vuah in kawnglai ah thu an sawi leh a (hetia thu an sawi lai hian kawng chu kal theih lohin an dang ping vek bawk ani) Hetia an punkhawm lai hian Secretariat bul maia sawrkar motor (Gypsy) pakhat chhu a kang bawk (anmahni zingami te hal ni awm tak ani). (more…)

Inkhel en chuan ruih loh tur

Wednesday, January 31st, 2007

Another picture taken during the match bet’n East Bengal and Aizawl Reds . Thanks to ZoTlau for this image. Sorry, but I had to pixelate the image, which I guess, you probably have noticed :D.

Tu Pu nge??

Wednesday, January 31st, 2007

A rethei asin.. LOLSource: Yahoo

Chaltlang Bial KTP Conference

Wednesday, January 31st, 2007

Hei hi kan han post ve mai mai, a lo en duh tan… :-P

Sunday zan khan keini Chaltlangers / Chaltlangites / Chaltlangians ho pawn ropui takin Bial Conference kan hmang tawp a, chu Conference chhunga thla ka lak ho tlem ka rawn post ve hetah hian, a bak chu ka blog ah ka post vek, in lo tlawh ve mai mai dawn nia :-)

Laipuitlang Branch KTP members performing a worship dance.


Identity Crisis

Tuesday, January 30th, 2007

When Zonuni (Zonet) went to Sandman’s house, she mistook him for me which Sandman clarified. Zonuni, confused with Sandman’s explanation on return to Zonet office told her collegues that she was interviewed by Ben. My hunch is that Sandman, mesmerized by Zonuni’s pretty smiling face went crazy introducing himself as me, giving my name instead of his own name :-P

Now there’s a serious identity confusion between me and Sandman, leaving no choice to Sandman who wrote to me:

Nang hi keimah e maw an tia, kei hi nangmah e maw
an tia, kan in hmelthat hleih hleih nen, a mak khawp
mai! :-D
Heard u tried to call me last nite. hehe Airtel
was down all over Aizawl last nite.


Reason: Nula hmeltha deuh I interview dawn a piangin keimah angin I insawi zel niang chu :D

Also Sandman, I have been wandering why God would bring eligible handsome bachelor like myself to Bangalore which is a better Aizawl with all modern facilities and keeps ugly useless man like you away from Bangalore :-) HAHAHA!

Sa Huai

Tuesday, January 30th, 2007

– durtlang tlangval

Natna tihbaiawm Zoram mipui suattu chu

Ka thian duhtak te u, he natna tihbaiawm tak hi a ni ka Pu leh Ni hmangaih ve em em te, na leh hreawm tinreng a tuar tir hrep hnua an thlan khawhar nghak tura an duh lo chung hnuk liam tu chu. “Mama, ih mo..keichu reilote a chinah natna leh hreawmte, lungngaihna te awm tawh loh na hmunah ka kal tawh dawn a, ka natna hi a nasa tawh em a. (more…)

Who’s This Girl?

Tuesday, January 30th, 2007

She didnt figure anywhere in the recent Mizo hmeichhe sexy ber poll but that was before the new music video Tleitir Hmeltha by Mama Chhangte (nice little video too btw). Now this is what I call vavavoom…..what a face! Get your bibs on, guys….drool-time :D


SPi – Min Phuar Si A

Tuesday, January 30th, 2007

SPi music video thar ber

Click Here

[He hla hi F. Vanlalhriatrenga phuah a ni a, shooting hi Lunglei-ah neih a ni. – father_sphinx]