Misual.com goes mobile

November 23rd, 2009 11:35 am by Sandman

Now you can get all the latest news, post updates and BREAKING NEWS report from misual.com right on your mobile phone through sms!

All you have to do is simply type “JOIN misualdotcom” and send to 567678. Simple as that.

You will then automatically become a member of misual.com GupShup group and receive important news and reports immediately.

We promise:

  1. No spams. No advertisements. No promotions.
  2. We will not cluster your inbox, so you will not receive a new post notification for every post published. Instead, we will combine 3-4 posts in one notification.
  3. We will not notify you about some of the new posts like youtube posts, OT posts, random picture posts etc.
  4. For BREAKING NEWS, we will act as quick as we can and send you the message immediately, even if it is not yet posted on misual.com
  5. We will not send you any “NEW POST” updates between 10pm and 5am so that you can have a peaceful undisturbed sleep :-)
  6. Complete privacy guaranteed. GupShup does not allow group owners to see their group members’ phone numbers.
  7. Altogether, we will try to restrict the number of messages we send to 3-4 a day.

Looking forward to your involvement.

  • Cost of sms (for registration) depends on your service provider. It usually costs around 2-3 bucks.
  • It is a one time cost only.
  • You can also register for free from their website.
  • Unfortunately, this service is not available for our brothers and sisters outside India.
  • If you are in SMSGupShup’s ‘Do Not Disturb’ list, you will have to send ‘DND off‘ to 567678 before registering.

Last but not the least, if you are the type that gets easily irritated with frequent sms, it would be advisable not to sign up for this feature because we value your work, privacy and personal space.

You can also leave the group any time by simply typing “LEAVE misualdotcom” and sending it to 567678. :D

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78 Responses to “Misual.com goes mobile”

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  1. 51
    shailendra Says:

    auh #46 zawk tur

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  2. 52
    As_Khiangte Says:

    i hmu phe a ni lo mo :oops:

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  3. 53
    perek Says:

    @Sandman – Ka sawi sual..nia gupshup chu a thra angreng…kan KTP tan pawh ka siam ve…

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  4. 54
    Zoram_Genesis Says:

    A lo lut e :)

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  5. 55
    kook Says:

    news ava khat ve.

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  6. 56
    lalhmeltha Says:

    a va han tih chi awm ve mawle!

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  7. 57
    kanidar Says:

    sms dawn leh dawn loh hi hetah hian sawi khawm zel ila :D

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  8. 58
    Alejendro Says:

    Keichu nimin tlai dar 6 vel a ka dawn bak kha ka la dawng leh lo… :-D

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  9. 59
    mygurl Says:

    mangan tawh lamah kan dawn ve chu ! mahse news poh ni miah lo :)

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  10. 60
    triplestar Says:

    join e, cheng3 chawi nghal :)

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  11. 61
    ch3rub Says:

    Tlangval luck lem lo tan, nula rim naah, kil khat a lo chhiar ve mai mai atan a tha phian ang

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  12. 62
    ZerO Says:

    23.11.2009 at 7:08pm khan ka join a, engmah ka la dawng lo hehe….

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  13. 63
    Sandman Says:

    Member 100 chuang kan awm tawh a, feedback te in rawn pek theih chuan a lawmawm viau ang…


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  14. 64
    alden Says:

    xom ve ngot a, feedback om meuh c lo nen news loh thu ka read thla leh xut xut roh xia, poi e… poi love……..

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  15. 65
    Davidzofa Says:

    Hmar tawnga Sinleng News kha in hre ve m?.tu pum na emaw,tu rilphir zai emo te an flash mai2 a.sms chhiar nan hun agai a..thil belhchian dol chin ngei flash thrin nise..

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  16. 66
    Sandman Says:

    Tun lai chu GupShup server a muang deuh nge, sms kan thawn chhuah hi kan dawng tlai thei lutuk a, entirnan, new posts anga sms kan thawn chhuah hi, dar kar 2-3 vel hnu ah kan dawng ve chauhva, chuvangin sms update tlai hmuh ai chuan kan rawn update lo law law hrih mai. Inconveniences caused regretted.

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  17. 67
    Sandman Says:

    ok misualdotcom sms in dawng nawn chuan sorry lutuksss… gupshup server a nuar leh tawh aaaaaa…. hei vang hi a nia tunlai kan khawih peih vakloh gupshup hi…

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  18. 68
    R.Lalropuia Says:

    @sandman, Google group hmang mai ru

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  19. 69
    R.Lalropuia Says:


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  20. 70
    Mickey Hlondo Says:

    gupshup hi ka join ve thei miah louuu… bachauu

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  21. 71
    Sandman Says:

    Mickey, i lo join reng tawh pawh a ni maithei a sin, gupshup hi kan update lohna a rei tawh a, chuvangin tuman an dawng hrih lovang sms update. vawiin hian kan rawn update a nga, i dawng nge dawng lo i rawn sawi dawn nia :)

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  22. 72
    chhana Says:

    Sandman@ gupshup hi join ve ka tuma; account details hi tihdikloh ka neih awm ka hre silova; a dik thei reng reng lo mai.
    Ka buaina ber nia ka hriat chu a hnuai lama dahkhah tur ‘type the 6 letter text you see in picture above’ tih hi a nia; ‘Invalid CAPTCHA code’ a lo inti zel. Helai chiah hi ka problem niin ka hria. Min hrilh/mail theih chuan ka lawm ngawt ang.
    Ram pawnah ka awm sia; a tangkai dawn tlat.
    chhanhima5@rediffmail.com-ah hian.
    Ka lawm e.

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  23. 73
    Sandman Says:

    dear chhana, sorry lutuk, mahse gupshup hi chu Indian mobile number a tan choh a thawk. :(

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  24. 74
    ChhawnBura Says:

    join ve chiah e

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  25. 75
    Mr. TSA Says:

    Ni 4 vel kal ta khan ka join a, engmah la rawn thleng leu..

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  26. 76
    sisen Says:

    tlai khaw hnu-ah zawm ve chiah e

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  27. 77
    Tluanga Says:

    Gupshup tha ka tih ber chu LTCT7 hi a ni. Lo join ve teh u; free…. vek a ni e. Join dan: Join LTCT7 tih hi 09219592195 ah thawn mai tur a ni e.

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  28. 78
    Tualvungi Says:

    Hmu lo a ringtu te chu an eng a thawl e

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