End of the world – the invention of the MP3

December 19th, 2006 11:46 am by BlackWhite

Well written and I couldn’t agree more.

WARNING: Contains expletives.

Kids of today, let me tell you about something that we had many moons ago. It may seem like a foreign concept, but please take your Ritalin and try to follow along.

Once upon a time, there was this thing called a music album. It came in various physical formats including vinyl records, compact discs and tapes. A ‘band’ or ‘group’ would make a collection of songs and put it on an ‘album.’ When you bought this album, you could listen to the whole thing. While not all albums were great in their entirety, you got to listen to all the songs until you knew them all – the lengths, lyrics, bridges, choruses, hooks. You listened to the album as the artist intended, because some albums had some sort of progression or story to tell. Some bands even made albums that the tracks flowed together, creating a soundscape – a soundtrack to life. It was sometimes a rollercoaster of emotions, and often times you couldn’t imagine a pause in the music.

Back then, you’d say “I’m a Pink Floyd fan. I love the Beatles, Wu-Tang, etc.”

You categorized your music by the artist. The songs you liked were on an album.

From Tommyv.

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14 Responses to “End of the world – the invention of the MP3”

  1. 1
    J Says:

    Well written article I agree but help me out here….what’s a Ritalin? What’s emo skater? Duh.

    I can remember a time when songs came on black vinyl records, either in singles which were called Short Plays, or albums called Long Plays or…..you got it, LPs. The upside was that they sounded great but the downside was that they developed scratches just like CDs, and skipped badly when you played them. Also I remember once when some wise guy decided to personalise a single ( Jim Reeves’ Snowflake it was too) by painting the family name on it and put it out to dry in the sun and it just curled over at the sides and became unplayable. Ouch. At least mp3s on hard drives don’t do that! :P

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  2. 2
    Zem Buana Says:

    Download nan BitTorrent hman mai tur alawm.

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  3. 3
    BlackWhite Says:

    J wrote:

    what’s a Ritalin?.

    Central nervous system stimulant (trade name Ritalin) used in the treatment of narcolepsy in adults and attention deficit disorder in children.
    Narcolepsy: A sleep disorder characterized by sudden and uncontrollable episodes of deep sleep.
    Bawn min ti awm :D

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  4. 4
    Zem Buana Says:

    Wordweb i hmang tangkai ve tho ani maw? handy bawn tawp. POD ai pawn a tha ka ti zawk.

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  5. 5
    J Says:

    BlackWhite wrote:
    …Bawn min ti awm

    Ti lutuk…I grovel at thy feet, Massa :D

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  6. 6
    J Says:

    We appear to have someone here with a serious case of the stoooopids

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  7. 7
    BlackWhite Says:

    Dik lutuk!

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  8. 8
    zopatriot Says:

    what has happened to dmt and newslink??? an va reh ta ve…. am missing out on the news

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  9. 9
    virgochhas Says:

    em pi thri e thri lo e!

    ka lung a leng…

    trap vak don mon le…

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  10. 10
    lovingangel Says:

    ka pi lunglen hi tehna om se,keichu a luangliam zawih2 ang……

    min va call har ve,office ban pahin lo peng mai rawh

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  11. 11
    virgochhas Says:

    Always with You Always with Me ni leng in ka ngaithla toh…

    trah buan buan ka chak…

    lung-len-taw-metre in min teh se a sen a pel va va ang…

    ofis ban ah maw?…oi…ka hre lo le….kan soi non leh don nia…

    ka buai deuh a voiin chu…lo call hman ngang lo….

    i number poh ka nei leh toh lo….

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  12. 12
    lovingangel Says:

    keichu here without you,i’ll have a blue christmas without you tih vel a lang…. kei chu ka lunglen dan hi teh chi a ni lo..huihamsss

    ka number chu super kha dil leh mai rawh,nge ka pe lo law2 dawn che awww

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  13. 13
    Goldmember Says:

    always with me maw.. sethiam mais.. guitar solo mo.. hmmmxxx

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  14. 14
    bawngboy Says:

    When people start a sentence with ‘Kids of today…’ they reminds me of my grandmother.
    Man!!! those were the days when I only wore torn jeans, black T-shirts and always had a checked shirt around my waist. We would listen to the Guns N Roses cassette until the tape had stretched…
    But sooner or later your favourite song will be on Classic MTV… we do things differently from out predecessors, and so will the generations after us…
    So till that time comes, all we can do is live life to the fullest and hope we never grow old, …just older…

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