Police submits findings on pastor’s death to court

December 6th, 2007 8:18 pm by cedric


Aizawl Dec 6: Police sources said this evening that the investigation report on the death of Rev. Chanchinmawia was submitted to the courts today after everything was double-checked to see that nothing had been missed.

The clergyman’s death had created a lot of rumours because most people, even the Presbyterian Church to which the deceased belonged did not believe it to be a suicide as given out when news first broke about the death of the popular reverend. Rumours about his wife being involved in the death and that the death was a political killing had made their rounds throughout Mizoram and outside Mizoram where any Mizo community is to be found.

The Presbyterian Church’s stand that it did not believe the reverend had committed suicide lent strong support to the public belief of a homicide putting great pressure on the police special investigation team that could find no evidence pointing to a homicide.

According to our source, the report submitted today gave a detailed report of how the investigation was carried out and even with all avenues approached how no clue leading towards a homicide could be found.

The report, in short, concluded that the clergyman who had been pastor of the Khatla Presbyterian Church committed suicide early on the morning of October 1, 2007 that could have been caused by depression. The pastor had been suffering from heart problems and had even undergone a heart by-pass surgery earlier this year.

With the public having strong sentiments that the pastor’s death was a homicide and political parties adding strength to this sentiment by accusing the ruling MNF party of trying to hide something, the conclusion made by the investigating team could create more problems than putting to rest the wild theories that had abounded over this death which became high-profile and sensational because of the mystery created around it by these rumours.

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4 Responses to “Police submits findings on pastor’s death to court”

  1. 1
    Gerrarda-pa Says:

    Ngaihnawm thar leh dawn em le aw?????

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  2. 2
    grady Says:

    Pastr thihna hi politics hmanrua a hman atan chuan a uihawm lue e…..

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  3. 3
    Rage_Starr Says:

    a thih don khan a indaih lo ltk tur kha khongaihtlak ngot mai.. chem a in vih ngai bok in chhut ngai bok.. tan pui alo ngai anih kha le

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  4. 4
    setmaxjet Says:

    According to your sources???

    Hope it is reliable

    Till then, i am keeping my fingers crossed

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