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Active Mizo websites

Monday, October 30th, 2006

Lovers come. Lover go. So do Mizo websites. Some of the Mizo websites that are of general interest, alive and active :


Youthim seems to have problem sticking to one domain. Right now .com is working, .org is forwarding to .com and .net is under construction. There was a time when I could access via .net only.

Where do you read Newslink news? First I go to If the lastest news is not yet there, I move on to and Right now alone has the latest Newslink news.

Kolasibah setana betute

Monday, October 30th, 2006

Nilai ni zingkar Tawngtai inkhawm tur te chuan BiakIn Pulpit leh a vel ah Setana betute kuthnu ni ngeia ngaih an hmu a.

Kohhran hruaituten Police ah FIR theh luh an tumlo an ti a. Hei hi Oznial chuan a ngaihdan a ni lo viau tih ah a sawi.

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Hnam thanmawhbawk

Monday, October 30th, 2006

MI PAWI SAWI HLAUH LUTUK HI….Hnam thanmawhbawk pakhat a ni. Mahni ngaihdan pawh sawichhuak ngam lo kan tam lutuk hi a mak letling zawk ngawt mai

Thats an article by James at

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An hlawh phu hauh lo In leh lo an sak uaih uaih lai pawn an hnung lamah chuan kan sawisel ngam a, an hmaichhanah chuan, “I In chu a ropui ngei mai” tiin an thingpui no kan dawmsak leh thin si – Kan vei tak kan sawichhuak ngam lo…engvang maw ? An pawi sawi kan hlau.

Loan te pawn an za ve ang chu. An eiru vek tihna a ni lo. Mi dang thil tih kan vei lutuk te hi kan hmasawn lohna a ni zawk lo maw? If one has the capability and resources to bring them to justice, well and good. If not, may be we should mind our own business.

Shillong breaks World Record

Sunday, October 29th, 2006

Meghalaya has broken the Guiness World Record Drum Ensemble with 7951 drums on Oct. 28, 2006. Thank you and  be proud NORTH EAST INDIA.

from CellOne

Song request!

Sunday, October 29th, 2006

Tunge Joseph-a a hla thar pakhat “Nitin i tan” ( tih emaw ni ta kha ) nei in awm em? .anyone have the song or any new songs that they wanna share??..ka lawm viau ang inneih chuan min rn thon theih chuan… :)

Sweet October Concert @ Aizawl

Sunday, October 29th, 2006

Zote Bakery & Confectionery
In Suihkhawm Leh Zai I rel Ang U
In aid of Samaritan Riangvaite Run

A hmun: Vanapa Hall
A hun: Oct.30th-31st, 6:30 PM T-MELODY


Sponsors by: Zote bakery & Confectionery, Grace Nursing & Research Centre, Benison, MSACS, Digiport, Delta Sound, Tluangtei Bauty Parlour, Hero Honda (Khaia & Sons), Khiangte Trade Centre, David’s Kitchen, JP Offsets, P&A Enterprise, Eros Tailoring, Pachhunga & Sons[i][u]

Tickets:Rs 300 / Rs 200 / Rs 100

For Classic Music fans

Saturday, October 28th, 2006

Seeing as we have a few genuine music lovers in here, and when I say genuine I mean people who are into music enough to listen to old stuff too and and not just what they hear playing around them, here’s a nice little site I ran into…

They give you lots of info including bios of your favourite classic bands from yesteryears, and trivia along the lines of the History of Banned Rock, the 100 Most Played Songs etc. Great site for hardcore fans.

How do I: kiss someone passionately

Friday, October 27th, 2006
You Will Need
  • A pair of lips
  • Someone to kiss (this depends on your sexual orientation)
  • Confidence

This article will show you how to kiss someone passionately for the first time. When you think about it, putting your lips onto another person’s lips and moving them about is an odd thing to do, but do it right and it can be a wonderful experience.

Step 1
Check your breath. If you are intending to kiss someone for the first time then avoid strong foods like onion, garlic or strong flavours, unless of course your partner has been indulging in the same foods. If in doubt about your breath, suck a breath mint. But remember to have swallowed this before you start kissing, or your partner will be very surprised, particularly if they don’t like mint. Nothing ruins a kiss more than uncertainty. This confidence is essential, as hard as it is to get a kiss the first time, it will be harder to get one after a failed attempt. Once you have decide you are going to kiss someone, choose you moment and go for it.
Step 2
Be confident
Nothing ruins a kiss more than uncertainty. This confidence is essential, as hard as it is to get a kiss the first time, it will be harder to get one after a failed attempt. Once you have decide you are going to kiss someone, choose your moment and go for it.
Step 3
The lips
It is best to start off simply. When it feels right, tilt your head slightly to one side to avoid clashing noses, lean in and press your lips onto your partner’s lips, softly, so you don’t bump teeth. If you do bump teeth accidentally, just carry on kissing.
Vary the amount you open your mouth, and the rhythm of your kisses. You may wish to use the tip of your tongue.
Step 4
Advanced techniques *wink*
This style of kissing was not invented by the French, although they are probably quite good at it. It refers to the type of kiss where you insert your tongue deep into the other person’s mouth and move it around. It is perhaps best defined by what you should not do. You should try to avoid swirling your tongue around aggressively like an electric eel caught in a fishing net, but equally you should not let your entire tongue go completely limp and floppy. If it feels right, you are probably doing it right. As the kiss progresses you may want to move to the neck. Kissing and nibbling the neck is perfectly acceptable when snogging and is the reason for the term necking.
A love bite is a red mark left on the skin, usually the neck or shoulder, caused by excessive lip suction on the skin. It is, depending on your point of view, a charming memento of the kissing session or a repulsive and embarrassing bruise. It is best to discuss the giving or receiving of a love bite with leaving one.
Step 5
What to do with the rest of the body
This is really up to you. There are many things you can do to heighten a kiss, you can hold or stroke your partner’s back, run your fingers through their hair, or feel other parts of the body. Who knows where this might lead. Well done, you are now kissing somebody passionately (maybe for the first time).
Hope that helped! :-P

New Office Regulations

Friday, October 27th, 2006

New Office Regulations ( an sitrik thlap thlap asin :D )

Due to focus on overtime and expense control during this period, it has become necessary to put into effect immediately the following rules and procedures:

1) Sickness

No excuse. The Company will no longer accept a doctor’s certificate as proof. It you are able to go to a doctor, you are able to attend work.

2) Death (Your Own)

This will be accepted as an excuse. We would like two weeks’ notice, since we feel that it is your duty to train someone else for your job, as a back-up.

3) Death (Other Than Your Own)

This is no excuse. There is nothing you can do for them, and henceforth no time will be allowed for funerals. However, in case of hardships, the Company has a special scheme, in conjunction with the local cemetery, for lunch-time burials, thus ensuring that no time is lost from work.

4) Leave Of Absence For Operation

No time off will be allowed for an operation. The Company believes that as long as you are an employee, you will need all of whatever parts you already have, and will not consider having any of it removed. We have engaged you for a particular job,with all your parts, and to have anything removed would mean that the Company is getting less than what it is contracted for.

5) Visits To The Toilet

Far too much time on this particular practice. In future, all staff members will go in alphabetical order. All surnames beginning with “A” will go from 9:45 am to 10:00 am. Those beginning with “B” will go from 10:05 am to 10:20 am, and so on. Anyone unable to attend at the appropriate times will have to wait until the following day for their turn to come around.

DEFINITION – “Staff Members” are those who have all the time in the world to read this memo, but no time to work!


Friday, October 27th, 2006

A daih rei ve em ang chu maw