Sweet October Concert @ Aizawl

October 29th, 2006 12:05 am by chda hauzel

Zote Bakery & Confectionery
In Suihkhawm Leh Zai I rel Ang U
In aid of Samaritan Riangvaite Run

A hmun: Vanapa Hall
A hun: Oct.30th-31st, 6:30 PM T-MELODY


Sponsors by: Zote bakery & Confectionery, Grace Nursing & Research Centre, Benison, MSACS, Digiport, Delta Sound, Tluangtei Bauty Parlour, Hero Honda (Khaia & Sons), Khiangte Trade Centre, David’s Kitchen, JP Offsets, P&A Enterprise, Eros Tailoring, Pachhunga & Sons[i][u]

Tickets:Rs 300 / Rs 200 / Rs 100

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11 Responses to “Sweet October Concert @ Aizawl”

  1. 1
    father_sphinx Says:

    Sponsors by: ……Hero Honda (Khaia & Sons)……

    eksek, a thlawna en dan te hi a awm dawn lo ami a???

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  2. 2
    ZerO Says:

    Very expensive…. En lo mai ang

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  3. 3
    Leo Says:

    Enve van chakom ve auh

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  4. 4
    J Says:

    Herhsawp nen in in pulut mai dawn?

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  5. 5
    virgochhas Says:

    awi…ka en chak eeeeee…..sala

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  6. 6
    spikey Says:

    tute nge zai dawn? :P to deuh rawh se a poi lo mi ho deuh deuhin an en lo anga…lolz!!

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  7. 7
    ammi Says:

    kan khua ah pawh oct fest zo chiah….themclones..pentagram etc etc…fashion show te tam mai….kal tum urh nen ruah sur a kal tum ni in.

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  8. 8
    father_sphinx Says:

    Rs. 100 lek lek te chu funte hnih man lek a nia..an nei leh sup sup mai ang…kkk

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  9. 9
    benjamin Says:

    a man zah i hre ve mi :-)

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  10. 10
    Gisele Says:

    1st nite kan kal ve a oy mi an tam ltk. Ticket to ber ah pawh thing champ chhe hot deuh (engmah ni lo mah ila) an awm teuh tho.
    Mi 1 chu arawn thleng chiah prison van ah an nem lut nghal lol :P

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  11. 11
    effects of ambien Says:

    effects of ambien


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