India ram a June thla a car hralh zat

July 15th, 2014 2:14 pm by TheHumanBot

..i lo thlir ang.


Source: Team-BHP

Alto a rawn sang leh ber a, 4-na thleng Maruti Suzuki in a luah bawk. Pangana chu Mahindra Bolero a ni. Tun hnai deuh a chhuak thar i10 Grand, Amaze, Xcent te pawh a sang pawl an ni. Celerio hi booking a tam ang hu in a sang lutuk lo. AMT version booking a tam avangin an deliver chak thei lo te pawh ni mahna.

Mizoram bik a sales figure hi e nge aw a an ang.

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    chhana Says:

    Heng zozai zingah hian ka lei a tel ve lo. Nei vek thei ila aw!!!

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