Hnahlan to become largest grape producer

May 14th, 2007 1:33 pm by trekkerboy

On the intiative of a farmer and not by the government, Hnahlan is said to become the largest grape producing village in India.

Aizawl, UNI:

Hnahlan village, near the Indo-Myanmar border, noted for its extensive grape cultivation, is now striving to become the largest grape producing village in India. Around 80 per cent of the villagers were engaged in grape-cultivation, after foresaking the primitive shifting cultivation 10 years ago and were now reaping the ‘fruits of their labour’, sources said.

Grape plantation at Hnahlan

Fruit production in Mizoam during 2002 – 2003

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Read here (Deccan Herald).

Pictures: Horticulture Department, Mizoram

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13 Responses to “Hnahlan to become largest grape producer”

  1. 1
    apatea Says:

    va ropui ve le. Lo ti tang2 teh se. YMA te khan lo khap leh ngawt ang tih chu hlau viau haha

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  2. 2
    Oznial Says:

    tui hmel lam ai mah mah in hanum sial vel a chakom :)

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  3. 3
    Mr.Pervert Says:

    duhtoka han sawngbol vel chakom hle mai a…

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  4. 4
    Doctrine Says:

    Nice.. love em grapes

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  5. 5
    chepahakhata Says:

    An thar tam lu tuk chuan a zawrh chhuah a har anga, wine-ah siam dawn sela
    YMA-in zu an khap bur sia, state thanchohna an dal dawn a nih hi! Hetiang em em a zu an khap dawn chuan an mahni pawn damdawi an ei dawnin ALCOHOL tel reng2 chu ei suhse!! Vaihlo chi reng2 zu-in hmuam suh se ruihhlo chi zing a mi ve tho a ni. Zial an zuk hian second-hand smoke hian a zu tute aimahin an kianga miten an tur zawka, zial a vanga cancer kan rama thi hi an heider nge? Anmahnin an nghei thei loh vanga khap duh lo nge?

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  6. 6
    Vladimir Putin Says:

    An thar tam tak tak hma in Prohibition hi an hlih ka beisei. Lalpa grep huana grape a tawih hum hum mai chuan a uihawm ngawt ang.

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  7. 7
    Shahnaz Kimi Says:

    wine siam dan zir tur hian sorkar in hnathawk tu te hi ramdang ah thawn thei seng a tha ang. Europe lamah chuan Grape hi kum thum a rah hunah chauh wine ah an siam thin tih hman ni khan kan zinna lamah miin min hrilh ani…kum thum tal a rah phawt loh chuan wine ah a siam tlak loh an ti a….wine siam dan zir duh tan an in tum theih chuan helamah wine siamtu ka hre ve nual ania……

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  8. 8
    apatea Says:

    @Shahnaz Kimi, khoi lamah mo? ka lo kal mai dawn amo nile, Kan hotute runluih nan hrim2 hian wine siam thiam nih hi ka chak thar ta riau mai heheh

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  9. 9
    Nirvana Says:

    Kana khua ah lo kal rawh. Tui wine a chantirna magic ka lo hrilh ang che.

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  10. 10
    Shahnaz Kimi Says:

    @apatea -helamah – Austria ah….Austria hi khawvelah chuan white wine siam thiam ber pawl ani a – Wine chi hnih – Riesling leh Gruner Veltiner hi a lar em em a…they are both made from different grapes. Mizoram a grape an chin khi eng grape nge ni aw?

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  11. 11
    sub-zero Says:

    @Shahnaz..,,laina hrilh in… avoid the word ‘wine’….people are killed in mizoram 4 it….shhuuuu(SRS i hlau lo m ni?)…

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  12. 12
    Shahnaz Kimi Says:

    Ka lawm e…hlau teh reng mai….mahseng….one day we will have to deal with this issue tiraw….
    I recently learnt that wine is mentioned 500 times in the Bible….

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  13. 13
    Saitawk Says: become the largest grape producing village in India. (Y)

    Enge an dinhmun ni ta zel ang le aw!!

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