Change. Yes we can or can we?

December 6th, 2008 4:13 pm by zakk_kima

I went to Aizawl on the 15th of November for the elections and came back to Delhi on the 3 of December. Though I’m 26 this was my first election so i was pretty excited about the whole thing. Anyways, I’ve always seen the resemblance between America and Mizoram (though based on pure speculation).

1. Total prohibition in US from 1920 to 1933 = Prohibition in Mizoram still effective.
2. Increase in the flow of Drugs and Illegal Alcohol = Same in Mizoram
3. 10 years by Clinton and 10 by Bush = 12 years by congress and 10 years by MNF
4. Economic depression in 2008 = Chiahpuam Controversy in Mizoram 2008
5. Presidential Elections saw the first black president take office = Mizoram saw the oldest CM candidate. Both (Obama and Brig.T.Sailo)candidates hungry for Change and elimination of corruption.
The list goes on. So the point is that i got to thinking if Obama is elected President then i have a good feeling Brig.T.Sailo would win here too. Could he be the Mizo Obama we desperately need?

Going back to the point, this being my first elections i was surprised to what length people would go to get votes, and was disgusted with the filth involved in politics. I thought the youth could make a difference. But what I saw and experienced made me think twice. So “Change. yes we can” or rather “Can we?” Are we educated enough to know the value of our votes? What i saw was depressing, young people who didn’t want to vote till somebody bought them for money or alcohol.

I saw politicians giving drugs to addicts and money to the people for votes while some were¬† distributing cellphones. So i got to thinking – maybe we’re not ready for the Change we desperately need. How can we, when we’re not even ready to sacrifice for the greater good.

From the results of this elections i will either be proud to call myself a Mizo or be forever be ashamed of being a Mizo.

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19 Responses to “Change. Yes we can or can we?”

  1. 1
    mirage_isme Says:

    E khai chutiang mai mai vangin Mizo nih zah hlau suh…a ho lutuk, Mizo nih hi englai mah a zah tur ani lo, tu hnam mah hi an famkim bik lo tih hriat ker tur, hetiang vang mai a, Mizo nih i zah chuan i Mizo pui te hian “Mizo Unau ” tiin kan ko zak ve mai ang che. Keep going !! Mizo people rocks!!!!

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  2. 2
    d0n_vit0_c0rle0ne Says:

    change.. Bri.T.Sailo… u must be joking… soo disgusting.. as the same word u use it on being Mizo’s.. well put..
    I’m so proud of being Mizo.. ka identity nia, eng ang pohin duhin duhlo mah ila, inla shap em2 poh ni ila.. MIZO kha kan ni tho2 a.. keichu MIZO PA ka ni.. am not ashamed of being Mizo.. am so proud..
    btw, kan soi non leh ang.. mahni zik chhuahna hmusit a zahpui tu chu khawvel ram zauah hian tumahin an ngaisang lo… kei phei chuan… :)
    No Offense..

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  3. 3
    tochh Says:

    yea…Brig TSailo leh Obama- good joke:-) how can an old decrepit man at times unable to hear what he’s thinking bring change. He’s probably the best man we could have had in his time, but we chose him not, so…
    and about the elections, this was, in my opinion, the best we’ve ever had, thanks to MPF and they make me proud to call myself a Mizo. Hnamdang MPF te hi awm ve their dawn em ni???
    About politicians giving drugs to addicts?? Well, if u saw it there’s nothing i can say, but how loosely are u using the terms ‘politicians’, ‘giving’ and ‘addicts’, i wonder. And if thats what u saw, i guess its upto u to take action!

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  4. 4
    kanidar Says:

    Mizoram tana thatna tur leh hmasawnna tur lam thlir mipui kan tam hmel loh khawp mai, Kan u pakhat constuency pakhata party pakhat treasurer a awm ve a, engtin nge in campaign deuh ber tiin ka zawt a, “Party manifesto tih vel hi mipui a tu a te mah hian an thluk lem lo, kan party lo votein lo tling ta se enge min tihsak ang tih a ni vek a, chuta tiamkam nei thiam thiam kha an ni tawh mai, party tinin an tihdan a ni” a ti mauh mai. Ngaihtuahna a ti thui khawp mai.

    Tin, party worker tam zawk, 90% hian party atangin pawisa engzah nge ka hman theih ang tih an ngaihtuah ber emaw tih tur a ni, kan ina lo chuang lut reng reng hi kut ruaka haw an tum lo a ni ber e” a tih chu. Politics chu thianghlim taka khel duh tan chuan chance a tlem khawpin ka hria.

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  5. 5
    siamlr Says:

    mirage, i ti dik ka ti khawp mai.Hnam hrang hrangte kan famkim lohzia chu sawi ngailoin kan hre awm e, heng hruaitu thenkhat fel lo te hi chu sirah hnawl ila, mahni theuh rinawm leh fel takin awm ila Mizo nih chu a nuamin a chhuanawm ngawtin ka ring. Inti ve lo maw ?

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  6. 6
    Shut_up_n_work Says:

    just shut up n work,what mizo mizo,mizo are worse than the burmese

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  7. 7
    keimah Says:

    Mahni intheihnghilha ram hmangaihtu tak tak MIZO zingah kan tam vak lo niin a lang… we still have a long long way to go! @kanidar sawi khian kan nihna tak tak chu a hrilhfiah chiang khawp mai.. :(

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  8. 8
    H.Vangchhia Says:

    Kanidari: amen/selah

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  9. 9
    H.Vangchhia Says:

    off topic deuh tiin in post ve thin tho bawk a… tuntum chu kan ti leh lawks…ngaidam ngaidam…. topic a hman law law turin ka hre thui lo tlats.

    Tunlai hi USA motor siamtu company lian 3 GM,Chrysler leh Ford chuan US sawrkar $34 Billion puk an dil mek a. Tunah mai khan, (5:40pm ET) ah chuan News in … Chrysler motor te chu buy one get one free an ti, tiin a rawn puang heu mai :D

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  10. 10
    amanda Says:

    @ kanidar : Thats what we need change!!

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  11. 11
    babulal Says:

    Dawt muhlum ziah don rau2 chuan ngaihnawm deuh in ziah tur lom lalchheban. chal a pen lolh2 bak i phulo.

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  12. 12
    Tawia Pachuau Says:

    Change nih rau rau chuan change na tur a om lo. PC Pawh kha an sawrkar ve tawh si a. ZNP (party thar) an thawhpui alom pawh ti ila, COngress pawhin MTP an thawhpui, MNF pawhin MCP an thawhpui.
    Change kan ti rau rau anih chuan Congress ah change a ni mai. :)

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  13. 13
    Borat Says:

    Tunge tling zovang kan suihlung dam thpana ?
    Congress an anih chuan ngaitea insawibat chiam chiam
    MNF ni sela vohbik millionaire tana tha
    UDA chauh kan tan beisei awm chu
    HT Sangliana rawn chhoh hma chuan

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  14. 14
    H.Vangchhia Says:

    Tun a CNN Breaking news (12/09/2008 tlai dar 5:40 ET USA) ang deuh a, (example ah) Illinois Governor a dik loh vanga an man ang hian… Mizoram a dik lo te hi, milian, a te thliar lova dan bawhchhia man ve ngamna rilru kan neih hun ka va han nghakhlel tak em.

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  15. 15
    Mizo Master Says:

    A chhe lai lai i hmu a nih chu. There are so many youths who wants a good governance in Mizoram… i’m one of them.. still…

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  16. 16
    Mizo Master Says:

    H. Vangchhia hi Hmingtea Vangchhia, Lunglei i ni em? I nih chuan min lo chhang teh? ah…

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  17. 17
    Mizo Master Says:

    Mipuiin Congress kan duh miau a, Congress hian change an siam thei dawn a ni tak ang chu maw le

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  18. 18
    wonderboy Says:

    @Mizo Master, H.Vangchhia hi chu Maryland USA lampang zawk a ni e. (a buai a niang a reh em mai a ka lo chhan sak ta mai) :-)

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  19. 19
    striper Says:

    Thil tha ber kan duh ang a thlen theih loh pawhin a dawt tu tal kan nghah a ngai a ni mai, Pathian hian thil tha zawng2 hi kan chan a tan a ruat kher bik lo. A pawimawh berah chuan mahni hna theuh ah hian rinawm takin thawk i ala, Kan Pa Van ami hian kan tan a tha tur hian ro ala rel ve mawlh ang. Mimal tin te hi kan pawimawh ber . Anyway If your are MIZO Or.. still Want to….Don’t be a shamed of being MIZO….. or ….what else….

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