Engineering branches: Computer Science Vs IT

September 10th, 2010 10:06 am by The_Chhamanator

“COMPUTER SCIENCE is no more about computers than astronomy is about telescopes.” Renowned computer scientist Edsger W Dijkstra made this observation. Computer science engineers are involved in many aspects of computing, from the design of individual microprocessors, personal computers and supercomputers to circuit design and writing software that powers them.

They are also suited for robotics research, which relies heavily on using digital systems to control and monitor electrical systems like motors and sensors. Information Technology (IT) deals with the use of electronic computers and computer software to store, protect, process, transmit and securely retrieve information. IT is a general term that describes any technology that helps to produce, manipulate, store, and/or communicate information.

An article chhiar zawm theih hi a detailed lutuk lova, bengvar nan han sawi teh u khai.

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12 Responses to “Engineering branches: Computer Science Vs IT”

  1. 1
    badboy Says:

    computer hi chu a van pawimawh tak em, tih kan sawi hmasa duh phawt :D

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  2. 2
    _CFL_ Says:

    Computer hi ‘ Khawl thluak nei’ tia kan sawi thin hi a inhmeh ve ngawt mai.

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  3. 3
    Pc-a Says:

    Ka Computer a that loh chuan ka E thei ta lau. :lol: badboy

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  4. 4
    badboy Says:

    @Pc-a: i ekin pawh i computer ah i thun vek tawh tih na ni maw :D

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  5. 5
    Tetea Says:

    Computer Science engineer ho hian engineer pangai thenkhat ang hian an hming hmaah ‘Er.’ hi an dah ve em le? :D

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  6. 6
    Killer shark Says:

    OT..lawk Commonwealth Games hian, engtik thleng nge a awh dawn le,hria kan awm em.. :P

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  7. 7
    Ozima Says:

    #5 Egineering college ah chuan engineer pangngai ho hi an hnuaihnung lutuk, CSE leh EC te hi chuan an hnuaichhiah lutuk an ti. Er. title dah thei ho hi lukhum eng khum ho hi mi le?

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  8. 8
    deмэиtOя эиigмa Says:

    #6 Killer shark. 3rd oct atanga 14th oct a ni ang.
    OT lawk @ posttupa. Topic concern ah chuan sawi tur vak pawh ka nei ve lo.

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  9. 9
    Jewel Says:

    mizoram a hnathok du tan chuan civil hi a zia ber lo mo? :P MS law2 chuan hna chu a om ve zel ang ah…

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  10. 10
    vlchinzah Says:

    MBBS zir zo tawh phawt in Dr an dah ang hian BE zir zo tawh chuan an dah thei vek a a then in an dah a, athen in an dah lo mai ani.
    India ram a BE zirna hrang hrang ah hian Deptt hrang ani na in zirlai chu a in tlang deuh vek. MZU ah pawh CSE Deptt hawn an tum khan IT nen in ang reng a an ngaih vang in an hawng ta lo mai chauh ani.

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  11. 11
    Killer shark Says:

    #8 deмэиtOя эиigмa….. thanx

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  12. 12
    Apuia Says:

    It doesn’t mean anything to me…..hahahahaha (Y)

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