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December 6th, 2010 10:30 am by Sandman

News update thenkhatte. News article pumpui in chhiar duh chuan source ah click mai ru.

Police want accused locked away for life

In the line of fire even after claiming to have solved the Dhaula Kuan rape case in which a 30-year-old BPO employee was abducted and gangraped, the police are hoping that the five accused will be locked away for life. Confident after the victim identified two of the five accused during a test identification parade (TIP), sources said the police are likely to approach a fast-track court to decide the matter.

“The victim has recognised both Shamshad and Usman during the TIP conducted on Saturday. There is not even the slightest possibility of bail for the accused,” said a senior Delhi Police officer.

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Dhaula Kuan gang rape case: Fifth accused hiding in Haryana’s jungles?

The bushlands of Haryana are swarming with cops these days. After nabbing the fourth accused in the gang rape case of a BPO employee in the Capital, police are now hunting for the fifth suspect in the neighbouring state.

Three of the accused have been arrested, while one has been taken into custody on transit remand from Haryana. The victim has picked them out in Test Identification Parade (TIP). Sources in the police said that Karmu is proving to be hard to catch. “Our team has raided almost each and every possible hideout and we are still continuing raids. It is possible that Karmu is hiding in some isolated area or in a residence in the thin forests. We are gathering information about the accused and we will arrest him very soon,” said an officer of Delhi police.

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Cops analysed 150 mobile numbers to nail accused

The Dhaula Kuan rape would never have been solved had one of the accused, Shamshad, not made a call from his mobile phone after dropping the victim in Mongolpuri. Delhi Police got their first clue when the woman told them that she had seen one of the accused make a call soon after they let her go. The involvement of a ‘Mewat’ gang came to light after the police found that a number from Mewat was used in the area around the time described by the victim.

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Chutih lai chuan Delhi ah rape case dang a la awm zel…

Tantrik arrested for raping minor girl

Two days after the police arrested two persons in Dhaula Kuan rape case, a self-proclaimed tantrik has been nabbed for repeatedly raping a minor girl. The accused, Mahesh Kumar Goyal was arrested from Dhaula Kuan area on Friday evening. The police said that Goyal had abducted the girl from Bindapur area and even as he travelled to various religious in three states with the victim, he raped her multiple times.

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22-year-old woman raped in car, 5 held

In a shocking incident , coming close at the heels of the gangrape of a call-centre employee in Dhaula Kuan, a 22-year-old woman – a resident of Seemapuri in northeast Delhi – has alleged that she was gangraped by six men on Tuesday night.

The victim was allegedly abducted from near her residence and raped for over two hours in a moving car. Police claim to have arrested five of the accused. The accused dumped her in the same area in a semi-conscious state. The woman complained to police but no FIR was lodged for two days; till the time the medical report confirming rape was received.

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  1. 1
    Sandman Says:

    News article hmasa ber (Police want accused locked away for life) a “In the line of fire” an tih nachhan khi chu hei vang hi a ni awm e:

    A day after claiming success in the Dhaula Kuan rape case, Delhi cops suffered a major setback on Friday when one of the accused managed to give them a slip in the Mewat region of Faridabad district.

    On the run, Kamru alias Mobile came face to face with a team of 8 policemen camping in the area to nab the gang leader. But he managed to ram his vehicle into the policemen, injuring one of them, and escaped. The cops have intensified search operations in the area.


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  2. 2
    ReMpY_ScisSoR Says:

    Lets read.

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  3. 3
    ReMpY_ScisSoR Says:

    ”..there is not even the slightest possibility of bail for the accused..” said a senior police officer.-hope it remains true. Delhi police te hmel a thra zel e’ tunlai chu.

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  4. 4
    ReMpY_ScisSoR Says:

    22 yrs old-i chu k lainat hle mai..bawhzui ve vat se, source k chhiar hmanlo.. Have a good day, all..

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  5. 5
    Sony Says:

    Innocent till proven guilty. Court a conviction an hmuh a, appeal zawng zawng a fail hnu ah chauh lungin ah an tantir thei.

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  6. 6
    CFL Says:

    Misual ho chu man vek teh se. An tilmu chu lak mai chi a ni…hur hlawm lutuk mai.

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  7. 7
    dolby Says:

    Hlawh tling ngei rawh se

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  8. 8
    Lily_parmawia Says:

    An va hur mawlh mawlh ve le dilli vai ho chu :D

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  9. 9
    littlerascal Says:

    An va han tenawm hlawm tak!!!

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  10. 10
    caribou Says:

    Na taka hremna an tawh theih ngei ka beisei.

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  11. 11
    ovala ralte Says:

    Hotu lian zawk te mitmei ven vangin tun tum chu Delhi policeho pawn an tih tur chu an ti ve alawm, mahse misualho hi engtin nge an hrem lo thlir teh ang u. :(

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  12. 12
    Delhi a Mizo hmeichhia pawngsual rawn chungchang kha | mi(sual).com Says:

    […] nula pistol hmangin kidnap a ni. 2. Girl from North East gangraped in Delhi 3. Sketch released! 4. News update – Delhi incident 5. Mizo hmeichhia pawngsual rawn avangin Delhi police in hma thar lak […]

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