Kingfisher, Surya Airlines to fly to Mizoram

March 16th, 2007 9:32 pm by trekkerboy

Beechcraft 1900D

According Newslink, Kingfisher Airlines and Surya Airways would soon come to Mizoram. This was mentioned by Governor Lt. Gen. (Rtd) M.M. Lakhera during his budget speech.

Kingfisher Airlines would operate ATR 72 while Surya Airways would bring in a smaller plane, Beechcraft with a capacity for 18 passengers.

We are familiar with French made ATR but not Beechcraft. So I decided to google and landed on the manufacturer’s website: .

My failure to find an 18 seater aircraft on this website led me to google again. This time I googled for Surya Airlines and bumped into their job advertisement for Pilots right here:

Keeping in pace with the boom in civil aviation, SURYA AIRLINES is on the verge of being the first regional non-schedule operator, shortly commencing dedicated operations exclusively within North-East India with Beach 1900D turboprop aircraft. We call upon the following to join us in our endeavour:- CAPTAINS: With current AtPL, IR and medical fitness (without any restrictions). CO-PILOTS: With current Indian CPL, IR, RTR(A), FRTO and medical fitness. AMEs: With Cat A, B & Cendorsement on Beech 1900D aircrafts. With Cat E, I & R, or V endorsement on Beech 1900D aircrafts. Salaries and perks at par with the market trend. Captains with type rating in B 1900D aircraft will be preferred. E-mail your resume to: within 04 days of the issue of this advertisement. Eligible candidates will be called for interview shortly thereafter.

Then, I looked up for Beech 1900D and found this page on wikipedia. It says “19-passenger airliners” and not 18 .

So if this happens, you and I could be flying home in an aircraft like the one above and I hope not to spend 31st Dec in Kolkata again like I did last year. Don’t forget Vijay Mallya’s hot chicks who would be looking after you onboard the aircraft!

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14 Responses to “Kingfisher, Surya Airlines to fly to Mizoram”

  1. 1
    3d-lover Says:

    Ngatinge ka Lear Jet thlalak te ka phalna tel lova in lo post mai mai…..het


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  2. 2
    HOMER Says:

    @3d-lover Lear Jet a nih loh khi.mol he hu ltk.

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  3. 3
    SiLent_Man Says:

    …you and I could be flying home in an aircraft like the one above and I hope not to spend 31st Dec in Kolkata again like I did last year

    Com’on… you and I know you had the best time in your life on 31st Dec in Kolkatta… the best autorickshaw ride… the best walk to the gate etc etc :)

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  4. 4
    Shahnaz Kimi Says:

    vayudoot kan thlawh thin lai kha mi ti hre chhuak….bangladesh cyclone in min nuai mai chu….ka sawi tam lo mai ang…thlawh lah hi kan hlau hlawm si…..

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  5. 5
    apatea Says:

    Looks bit like a private/ exclusive jet, wud be nice to get in there if its not to OLD :p

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  6. 6
    ammi Says:

    kingfisher/surya poh service se…airhostess chhe lo taktak nen…izawl lamah chhum tam chuan a tihngaihna a om leh don chuang lo…hehehe

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  7. 7
    Zorun Says:

    Dik khawp mai. Romei hi a tam lutuk a, a buaithlak khawp mai. Krismas leh kum thar dawn vel phei kha chuan cancel a tam luttuka, a va ninawm thin e aw.. Mi ramah pawh Vur te a tla chur2 a, an cancel ngai chuang si lo va, tiin ka phun bul bul reng mai. Khi Romei avanga landing theilo tlat khi a technical facilities lam kan neih that tawk loh vang niin alang a, solve thuai a tha khawp mai.

    Thenkhat chu thihna avangin Kolkotta ah an cham reng phah a, Ruang phei chu a rim a chhe hma em em bakah Zoram lamah an lo vil reng si a, tin, dam lohna urgent deuh deuh pawh cancel sak an nih avangin an buai thei em em a ni. Travel plan a siam hleitheih loh bawk nen, khi Romei avanga kan harsatna khi sutkian thuai chi a ni. Chutilo chuan eng thlawhna pawh rawn hmangin a chuan man pawh tlawm hle mah se, cancel fo hi a ban chuan si loh chuan awmzeless a ni tho tho.

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  8. 8
    Shahnaz Kimi Says:

    @zorun- i va sawi dik em….I….BUT what always angers me and what I fight for with the IA(not the first time) is the way they treat innocent people who are on their way to Velore or other places to get medical treatment…the IA take so much advantage of people from Mizoram…kan han in hau tak tak mai chu…..I think they were pretty shocked that I speak Hindi (I take a lot on my mom’s side -look wise) I had on my mind to write about the service in Mizoram…I am only waiting for an answer from their PR dept about my complaints,,,,this is for further discussion…………

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  9. 9
    spikey Says:

    This is the time for me to say “I TOLD YOU SO” I cant remember but sometime last year around october I did mention in that kingfisher would come to mizoram soon but since i didnt have any credible source, and mainly backing up my guess from my marketing point of view and a word from my fren who was working as a flight attendant at kingfisher but anyways my words were as good as a junk mail and many doubted me but well not even 6 months laster BAM!! there comes the i deserve to say to whoever was doubting me “I TOLD U SO” !!

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  10. 10
    triflin_tribal Says:

    Back in the days, when i was just a boy, we used to drink Kingfisher.

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  11. 11
    lalparama Says:

    Its a great news though its not a breaking news for those who are already in the service industry. benjamin thanks for the big news. Me, myself started my career in the service industry in recent years. Those days, my own good friends had discouraged me so much that it wouldn’t leed me nowhere, they made fun of me of course, i too sometimes thought their right. But instead of listening to them i follow ny own heart and now i’m having a great career with this service industry and become a part of them while the Mizoram skies are blooming with new airlines.

    I wants to invite all the youth of Mizoram to do something which your heart tells you to instead of doing your parents’ choice or friends advice. The service industry in India is booming like nothing else since the millenium, so why waiting a job in your doorstep?!! Be independent and proof others wrong that you can be someone instead of enrolling yourself at LEKHATHIAM HNA HMU LO PAWL.

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  12. 12
    Carrie Says:

    “Vijay Mallya’s hot chicks”
    Kingfisher airlines ah ka chuang tawh, a nuam in min ‘treat’ tha khawp mai. Surys Airways ? A hming atrang rengin. Chubakah thlawhtheihna te lutuka Lengpui pana kal chu…sawi zui lo mai ang, in chuan duh loh phah ang.

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  13. 13
    Kimas Says:

    Smaller aircraft is a better choice for Mizoram. I hope the operation will cover major towns soon, not just Aizawl. It reminds me of the first domestic flight in the US when I got on board small aircraft to my surprise. These smaller ones serve the purpose better in many ways. Some day air travel in Mizoram will be as simple as taking maxi cub now.

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  14. 14
    Borat Says:

    Carrie says: “…Surya Airways ? A hming atrang rengin….”
    Chu chiah. Surya airlines ah chuan female cabin crew in salwar kameez an hak duh hmel. Syrian Airlines c erawn chu a chhe lo viau. Emirates leh Gulf Air a tluk lo mai pawha.

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