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September 27th, 2013 9:21 pm by Zaw Raw

Leaders of Zo Re-Unification Organisation [ZoRO] have been striving for re-unification of Zo Indigenous Nation which have been under tripartite provinces of Assam, Bengal, Burma now divisions of India, Myanmar and Bangladesh during the British colonial period. ZoRO participated in sessions of World Indigenous Peoples under the auspices of United Nation viz.UNWGIP, UNPFII, EMRIP and other seminars and trainings conducted in respect of the rights of the Indigenous Peoples of the world since 1999 till this date. All tribes and clans under Indigenous Zo Nations welcome their tireless efforts and shall continue to support in their fights for the restoration of Indigenous Zo People’s Rights by way of re- unification under a single administrative unit.

Zo People living within Mizoram are trying to make Mizoram a home for all the Indigenous Zo People around the world and we clearly understand that this could only be achieved with the mighty support of Indian Government. We sometimes may appear as if we neglect our brothers and sisters living in India, Myanmar and Bangladesh and indulged in our own self interest by amassing treasure. Another time a horrible scene of suffering and wailing sound of Zo Nation may be seen and heard in facebook, televisions and can be read in newspapers.But things are not really what they are as they appear.

What we want to make it clear is that even if those undesirable things may happen or some people are thinking for their own interest, most of the people are always with our people living outside Mizoram. In this regards ZoRO and Mizo Zirlai Pawl(Mizo StudentAssociation)/Mizo Students’ Union have been making every efforts for better understanding and relationship by organising conventions, symposiums, Zofest etc. We fervently request all Zo people and clans to recognise what ZoRO and Students’ body have done for us.

Three years back on the auspicious day of 9th August, 2010, His Excellency, Lt. Gen.[Rtd] M.M.Lakhera, PVSM, AVSM,VSM, on behalf of the President of India, inaugurated ZO INPUI, [Su- preme Council] a Traditional Institution of Zo Indigenous People and hoisted UN Flag on World’s Indig- enous day. This ZO INPUI is instituted in conformity with UNDRIP Article 5 which clearly shows that we have the Rights to maintain and strengthen our distinct political, legal, economic, social and cultural matters. ZoRO is now one of the members of UNPFII since 2004 and Zo Indigenous People and clans living in defferent parts of the world should know that we are one nation, Zo Indigenous Nation, having repre- sentative in the highest Forum of World body.
It may be noted that,ZoRO does not authorize any section or Tribes of Zofolks ( Zo Indigenous peple ) to organize Conference for all the Zofolks as of now.However, any such Conference or so whatever it is may be organized by any section at their own level.

Please be informed that all major Politiccal Parties of Mizoram have pledged to extend their utmost efforts implementation of UNDRIP.Detail reports will be convoyed soon.

However, ZoRO had its 1st Convention in Champhai on 19-21 May, 1998 and 2nd Convention was also held in VanapaHall, Aizawl onJuly,1991 and the 3rd Convention may be held after consultation of all ZoRO Zones whenever they may feel it required.

ZoRe-Unification Organisation has completed twenty five years of its establishment during which it participated in various sessions and meeting under the auspicies of UN for the cause of Zo Indigenous Nation. We know there are a large number of Zo Youths with nationalist ideas who could sacrifice their soul and energy for the cause of Zo Nation. We sincerely invite them to come forward and play an important role to build the much awaited unified Zo Nation.


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  1. 1
    chhana Says:

    Tha ve tho e.

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  2. 2
    Vladimir Putin Says:

    “mighty support of Indian Government” will not come for illegal immigration even if they are ethnic Mizos. Mizos from other states of India may (perhaps) come and live here, but FOREIGNERS will need passports, visa and approval for buying real estate.

    Mizoram is a backward sate of India where Mizos, Lai, Chakma, Bru, Gurkha and some Assamese and other indians legally (and unfortunately) reside. It is not open for all even in they are ethnic Mizos.

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  3. 3
    Awmtea Leo Khiangte Says:

    A ni maw?

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