Enjoyed Sunday School?

May 20th, 2007 5:29 am by TheHumanBot

Monday to Friday captures us for the academic school where one is subjected to learn what is in the syllabus and not what one likes or as a matter of fact one would need.

Come Sunday is yet another school called Sunday School which is for some reason in Mizo written “Sande Sikul” though we have Mizo word for Sunday which is “Chawlhni”. How boring and sad!

To those who hate the Monday – Friday school enough, another school on Sunday is unimaginable. From this perspective, it seems naming the Bible study we have on Sundays as “School” is a bad choice. Is there anyone here who truly and fully liked and enjoyed the Sunday School you attended?

It was exciting when you heard for the first time about David and Goliath, Moses, Joseph, Elijah, Solomon, Samson etc. At the end of the lesson, you would be quizzed. I was good at that which I enjoyed.

Our teacher would tell us stories of how the entire nation on Earth would fight against Israel. He was amazing, so amazing that we felt the action happened right in front of our eyes. I wonder where he invented those stories. That did not happen every year.

Something I always associate with Sunday school is the song “Zingah sava ten Pathian an fak a (Birds praise the Lord in the morning)”. I just tried to write down the lyrics. I couldn’t go beyond the first line.
Damn poor me!

It was indeed a “School” in the olden days. My late grandma did not go to school. However, she could read because she was taught how to read at Sunday school. I assume she also learned basic Math because she could do addition.

I wonder these days what is the purpose of Sunday school? Good to learn about the creation, the birth of Jesus. But what about the exam? The prizes and gifts for attendance? Preparations for conferences, the local equivalent being “Inkhawm pui”, memorizing verses and Questions – Answers.

While I am not against these things, my question is “Does today’s Sunday School deliver the right purpose of Sunday School and what is its purpose?”

I like it out here, outside Mizoram because there is no Sunday School. In Mizoram, there is Sunday School even for the Adult section “Puitling Inkhawm”. Exams are held at the end of the calendar year.

Where else in the world does this practice happen? Could anyone share the history and origin of Sunday school?

I remember being restless to leave at the end of Sunday School just like at the end of the Monday – Friday school. And now, my strong desire to get out after the Lord’s Prayer is for none but a cup of tea :-)

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4 Responses to “Enjoyed Sunday School?”

  1. 1
    zwinkysEvEn Says:

    Keichu “Sande Sikul” hi a nuam ka ti !

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  2. 2
    Hotmail Says:

    Sande School ai chuan Monde office leh Fride party ka kal chak zok.

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  3. 3
    Aero_smart Says:

    Puitling Sande Sikul tul ti lo zingah ka tel

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  4. 4
    Puii Says:

    Sunde sikul kan kai thin ka tih hian ka Indian thiante nuih hi a za ta thin a, naupang i la ni alo, ‘van puitling har em em min ti thin….

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