Be safe, don’t exist BY KALPANA SHARMA

July 30th, 2007 1:12 am by RTPA

The Delhi police have given a new twist to the old tale of women’s safety in cities. In their desire to “protect” women especially from northeast India, they have issued a strange booklet. Titled “Security tips for Northeast students/visitors in Delhi”, the booklet sets out tips that are supposed to help women from northeast India feel safe on the streets of India’s capital.

For the uninformed, this might sound an unusual step for the capital’s police force to take. But Delhi is the place where several students from northeast India have been raped in recent years. The booklet suggests indirectly that this could be because of the way the women dress. So once again, the onus for remaining safe has fallen on the women.

Source and complete news : The Hindu.

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5 Responses to “Be safe, don’t exist BY KALPANA SHARMA”

  1. 1
    Hotmail Says:

    Robin Hibu (that’s his name) IPS officer hi he booklet ziaktu an ti. Hetiang ziak tur hian mi thiam tak tak nih a ngai a, research tam tak tih hnuah chauh ziah ngam tur ani ngai a. Delhi ah IPS officer tam tak, North, Northeast, Southwest, Northsouth, Eastwest, Central East etc. atangin an lo kal tawh a, tuman hetiang thil atthlak leh mawlmang an ziak ngai lo. He officer hian khawvel zawng zawngin kan hriat daih tawh, (hmeichhie incheina in rapist rilru a tidanglam lo), tih hi a lo hre ve lo tawp mai anih chu.

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  2. 2
    rka_49er Says:

    He thil hi MZP leh MSU Hqrs te (NSUI te pawh in ti teng) hian eng vangin nge an sawisel loh. Kan Aizawl ccbu pawn a hmingin an ziak ve lek chauh a ni, chu pawh ccbu thenkhatah chiah. NE hi remote state kan ni bik lo, hetia min en hran vang hi a ni em, Indian kan nihna hi Mizote hian kan pawm theih tak tak loh? Kargil-a Mizo an han boral takah khan tlem chuan a ziaawm deuh nang in a la famkim thei tak tak lo niin a lang. Ei leh in rimchhiat vanga zawm tur dan leh dun an siam dawn a nih chuan hnam tin hian chawhmeh rimna chu kan nei theuh. Vai thenkhat, chawhmeh mai ni lo, an taksa tel hel rim nam pawh an awm a lawm. An masala uar lutuk te hi tawrh a har ve tho.

    Incheina chungchangah chuan kei ni Mizote hian Western ho style hi kan copy a, India ram Sex Education awm lohna ramah hian a him loh na chin a awm. In enletnan hmang ila, fimkhur a ngaihna laiah fimkhur ila. A lehlamah Delhi Vai hmeichhe pawnfen chhing tak tak feng an awm ve tho, vai sari kaih pawn an hnute bawr tih loh chuan an dul thuar zawng zawng nen an ti lang ve tho a ni lawm ni?

    Safety rules an siam dawn a nih chuan thlei bik an nei thiang lo. Sawi tur kan nei ve teuh. Kan aiawha sawi tur a ngaihten an sawi lo erawh a lungawi thlak loh. National Newspaper thlengin journalist kan nei tawh a ni lawm.

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  3. 3
    Hotmail Says:

    An sawisel sup sup ani lawm ni ?
    He booklet ziaktu hi hremna pek tlak ani.

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  4. 4
    Maimawm Says:

    A khawilai hi nge new twist lai chu? Ka man lo nge..

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  5. 5
    RTPA Says:

    @Maimawm…new twist kual vel awm em2 lo…sunday khan paper ah rawn lang ve a…ka rawn post ve mai2 nih hi :) old or new…news is news ni lawm ni…

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