AOL search log for user no 17556639

August 11th, 2006 3:08 pm by BlackWhite

We all know that AOL realeased the search logs of more than 650K of its users. This is the search log for an AOL user (no. 17556639). Just wanted to know your thoughts?
17556639 how to kill your wife
17556639 how to kill your wife
17556639 wife killer
17556639 how to kill a wife
17556639 poop
17556639 dead people
17556639 pictures of dead people
17556639 killed people
17556639 dead pictures
17556639 dead pictures
17556639 dead pictures
17556639 murder photo
17556639 steak and cheese
17556639 photo of death
17556639 photo of death
17556639 death
17556639 dead people photos
17556639 photo of dead people
17556639 decapatated photos
17556639 decapatated photos
17556639 car crashes3
17556639 car crashes3
17556639 car crash photo

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8 Responses to “AOL search log for user no 17556639”

  1. 1
    benjamin Says:


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  2. 2
    Sandman Says:

    Ah.. the AOL controversy. If u think this is funny, check out what this blogger has posted.


    Ok, so everyone knows about the AOL controversy by now. And everyone also knows about the scary stuff people have been searching about on AOL. Besides the various avenues of misuse that this has opened up, I think one of the more fascinating aspects is the insight it gives into the times we live in. I downloaded the files and did a quick search for the term “how to”, and besides the sexual terms that would be expected – some of them really bizarre – here are the one’s that make you think:

    how to tell if a girl likes you
    how to say i like you in spanish
    how to talk to a girl in 6th grade
    how to ask a girl to prom
    how to keep a girl from falling off the bike
    how to fall in love
    how to get a girl to go out with me
    how to impress girls at the age of 9
    how to make your crush like you
    how to say you are so handsome in french
    how to know if he is the one

    Too late for some
    how to delete aol history pages
    how to delete my history
    how to clear keyword search

    how to become a private investigator
    how to feed the tiger
    how to apply for an audience with the pope
    how to get an egg in to a bottle
    how to have a heart attack

    There’s hope yet
    how to be a good boyfriend
    how to say i am sorry
    how to humanely euthanize a mouse
    how to make women happy
    how to find yourself
    how to mend a broken heart
    how to let go
    how to promote good citizenship
    how to have a family meeting
    how to be a millioniare without already being rich
    how to be humble
    how to be an environmentalist
    how to quit smoking
    how to become a social worker
    how to develop employees
    how to start a small business
    how to balance life work family
    how to treat a lady
    how to get over depression
    how to help someone off drugs
    how to get marijuana out of your system

    how to make your husband fall back in love
    how to be popular
    how to apologize
    how to cope with the loss of a mother
    how to be a convincing liar
    how to protect on overcharging plumbing
    how to leave a verbally abusive relationship
    how to keep the school from druging my kid
    how to kill oneself by overdosing with insulin
    how to communicate with a woman
    how to punish evil people
    how to speak with ellen degenerous
    how to live with a former stripper
    how to work spells
    how to earn extra cash
    how to meet fairies
    how to deal with a four year old who was relenctant to enter play with his classmates.
    how to levitate like david blaine
    how to roll a very big joint
    how to kill yourself
    how to tell a wife her husband is having an affair with you
    how to read a book

    i don’t know how to love him
    how to flirt
    how to illegaly buy a handgun on the internet
    how to get anorexic
    how to tell someone to quit calling you honey and dear
    how to say get lost to a married lover
    how to know when you want to be married
    how to cut all ties with your family
    how to delete internet explorer
    how to kill people
    how to fake an illness injury to get workers comp or medical leave
    how to hack
    how to lie with statistics
    how to hide drugs from a police dog
    how to become anorexic
    how to tell your family you’re a victim of incest

    And finally
    how to cancel my aol service

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  3. 3
    BlackWhite Says:

    RE: Sandman,
    This is the best reply I found on the Web.

    This is ridiculous FUD. This guy could be an author trying to get ideas for a book. Maybe he’s a COP trying to find out how a married woman might have been killed by her husband. Maybe it’s a college student studying law writing a paper about murder.

    It’s all out of context and you (most of you) are evil for not even realizing how destructive you are becoming over this topic. How can you even think to push an investigation or want to find out who this person is when you have no context. You could be ruining someone’s life.

    Releasing personal information to anyone for any reason (even the government) without permission or warrant due to *real evidence* which this is not, is wrong. This country (USA) is going to facist hell at the speed of light.

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  4. 4
    BlackWhite Says:

    btw, there still is a mirror available…

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  5. 5
    benjamin Says:

    We all know

    – “We” ah hian ka lo tel ve lo reng reng a. Father te website ka va chhiar a, ka hre chauh alom.

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    max Says:

    Nice place to discuss particular AOL users is

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    view it now Says:

    view it now

    “[…]AOL search log for user no 17556639 | mi(sual).com[…]”

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    content Says:


    “[…]AOL search log for user no 17556639 | mi(sual).com[…]”

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