Mizo Uisa

March 19th, 2008 6:07 pm by X_MAN_19

Mizo te hi sa duh hnam kan ni a. Hetianga sa duh em em chung si hian kan sa ei khawp, a bikin vawksa pawh kan nei thei lova, Khawchhak atanga a ron lut lo hlek anih chuan a ram pumin sa buaiin kan buai nghal a!!

A zahthlak khop mai. Engpawh nise, sa anih hrim hrim chuan kan duh vek niin ka hria! Anyterian diktak kan ni e. Tun tumah chuan Uisa bik aw ni ang Uisa siam dan:-

Step1: Ui pum tha nelh nawlh man la, a vuakhlum dawnah a seh lohna tur che in a hmui vel etc phuar ang che. (see image)

Step 2: Vawhlum roh le.

Step 3: Chansawm roh le.

Step 4: I thiam ang tawkin buaipui ve la.. i duh duh polh roh. a inhmeh deuh vek. Chhan chu he uisa hi i ei meuh chuan i rui tawh anga, a tui vek tawh mai don ani. (Uisa hmehna/eina/siamna a rui lo ka hre ngailo) … tichuan plate/bowl ah chhawp la. finis!! bon apetite! .. ps:- Tastes best if served with alcohol.

Now that is inhuman! Khitianga i ti thin anih chuan i rawng hle tihna ani mai. Uisa hi ei suh! A thring, a changkang lo, a civilized lovin, a class a hniam lutuk.

In veng kha en la, tute nge uisa ei ching! An rui thin em? Mi changkang vak chu an ni lovang! a uih tlat, ka ziak peih tohlo e. Lo comment mai teh u!

Picture (Warning: A raw lutuk mai thei):


Ps:- I don’t shop these photos, neither do I buy them! All photos are copyrighted to their respective owners!

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115 Responses to “Mizo Uisa”

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  1. 101
    hp.swing Says:

    Tin UISA hi Kristianna nen a inrem em em na chu maw UISA hi han rem deuh i la ISUA a lo chhuak thei a. Saptawng a DOG pawh hi a letling chuan GOD a lo ni leh a. ehheheheh…….ka fiamthu mai mai

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  2. 102
    H.Vangchhia Says:

    Kha daih kha asin…..changpat sa ai chuan a tui hrim hrim.

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  3. 103
    rka_49er Says:

    hp.swing, what an idea, Sarji ? lolzzzz

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  4. 104
    Puii Says:

    A khawngaih thlak zawnga thlir chuan ran talh hrim hrim hi an khawngaihthlak…. mahse riltram tihreh nan kan ei miau si a,,,,Uisa chu siam thiam leh thiam lo kar a hla… Uisaa phuihnam thlak hi a sa aiin ka duh zawk….. a tui phei hi chu tui ve tak chu a ni….. Mahse ei hi a khaat ve a…..

    Ka korean thriante pawh hian uisa an duhzia min hrilh fo mai.

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  5. 105
    black stain Says:

    i hate uisa…

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  6. 106
    X_MAN_19 Says:

    me too. totally. a rim tehi a thang huam huam. chumi rih thang tihreh nan chuan alom neem / puihnam hnah te an thlak thin. A rimchhia ani, a tawp ani tih hre reng chunga ei luih tlat mai chu. A battery hi enge?? a tilmu hi ami? tunge GOD tih pawh a letling chuan DOG tihna ron ti kha? i hmui kha ka thuiping mai ang, lawl. i tawng duham ltk, i duhleh ‘god’ ron ti ve mai la, ‘God’ tih pawh hian Pathian kan address na ani a, GOD tih ngat phei chuan, Pathian kha ama hming ngeiin i address tihna ani a, ‘Ka Pu CM’ ti lovin “Zoramthang’ va tihna ania, sim toh roh. Pathian hming chu JEHOVA ania, a hming lamrik pawh hmanlai chuan an hlauh avangin a title ‘Pathian’ tihte, ‘Most High’, ‘Lord’ tihte in an ko thin asin. i nghal ltk, voikhatmah Dog pawh hi GOD tihna ron ti toh suh.

    Chhun pachang nisat lai hian tek (lightning) in a deng ut hiam mai tur che nia.

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  7. 107
    hp.swing Says:

    Thanx, rka_49er

    Nia tiro X_man, ka lo uluk lo deuh a ni. Ka lo hre tawh ang. Tin, UISA hi i ei ve tawh reng reng ems….ei ve chhin hrim hrim la…lollllll

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  8. 108
    X_MAN_19 Says:


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  9. 109
    hp.swing Says:

    Ka siam thiam lutuk. Mahse i zawm chhang ang tih ka hlau.

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  10. 110
    rka_49er Says:

    Phuihnam tel lo hian tui ka ti zawk. Chhum tawp pawn ka ei teuh thei. a thenin rui chung a ei an duh laiin, harfim ker kawra ei duh zawk an awm a. Kei chu chhunah nilengin thil ei lo ila, whiskey vawt reih rawih nen Uisa han siam ila, a hmin hma atangin a sehhmeh ah hmang ila, no 4 vel kan in ta maw tihah inbual ila, inbual zawhah mahni uisa siam ngei mai han ei ila, a nuam a sin (UPC nih loh bawk chuan a ti ka thianpa chuan…)

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  11. 111
    X_MAN_19 Says:

    —-> (UPC nih loh bawk chuan a ti ka thianpa chuan…) kher kher tehehehehe

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  12. 112
    Thirkut Says:

    Thil rim chhe ei theih loh chuan, Mizo chaw tui tui a ei theih dawn lo a ni maw? haha

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  13. 113
    black stain Says:

    engtin pawh siam sela….uisa anih chhung chu kei chu ei ka tum lo

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  14. 114
    V-a_USA Says:

    Will I see pets in heaven? Read the following verses, and make your own judgment.

    God made animals. Genesis 1:20-25 describes creatures of the water, air, and land.

    God saved animals. Genesis 6:20 says they were “to be kept alive” in the ark during the flood.

    God cares about animals. Jonah 4:11 shows this care. “But Ninevah has more than a hundred and twenty thousand people who cannot tell their right hand from their left, and many cattle as well. Should I not be concerned about that great city?” (NIV)

    Man should care. Proverbs 27:23 “Be sure you know the condition of your flocks, give careful attention to your herds …” (NIV)

    God wants animals unharmed. Isaiah 65:25 declares “The wolf and the lamb will feed together, and the lion will eat straw like the ox … They will neither harm nor destroy in all my holy mountain, says the Lord.” (NIV)

    Yet, only man is made in the image of God (Genesis 1:26) with the power of free choice (Joshua 24:15). Thus Biblically, man is the only part of creation to which salvation can be offered to be accepted or rejected.

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  15. 115
    perlagloria Says:


    Thank you blogger for those photographs. I gather you are not vegetarian but you have the sensibility and the ethics to UNDERSTAND that ANIMALS SUFFER AND FEEL PAIN – something that is not common in Mizoram.

    ‘ a tui lutuk’ … ‘ka siam thiam lutuk’… yeah and all’s right with the world

    I am your average Protestant meat-eating Mizo now living in a small Himalayan town in northern India. But one thing I hate,detest, abhor, mourn, revile- sorry I can’t find a word strong enough to express my feelings- is the acceptance of eating dogs in Mizo society.

    As a child I recall nobody in Mizoram ate uisa. In fact Mizos used to mock the Nagas as ‘rawng’ and uncivilized for eating this. (e.g. What do you call a Naga with a pet dog? Ans A vegetarian.) Then in the 80s the trend started catching on. I hear it’s served at ‘fashinable’ dinners too. If only people there knew how we are MOCKED and LOOKED DOWN UPON for our choice of meat. Can’t we draw a line somewhere? Can’t we say no to somethings, otherwise anything goes. This is NOT in tune with the basic Protestant values of frugality and discipline. This is sooo horribly excessive.

    (I suspect if all those gentle looking animals that were in the manger where Jesus was born were transported to Mizoram they’d be promptly eaten for the Krismas ruaitheh.)

    And the way the animals are treated. Whew! Agreed meat eaters are plentiful (who says veggies are winning) but isn’t there a MORE HUMANE AND LESS PAINFUL way of slaughtering animals (which includes your mooing, oink oink types too)in Mizoram. Perhaps a stun gun could help. (something like you saw in the movie, ‘No country for old men’.)

    I have deep regard for Mizo society – liberal, educated and tolerant otherwise – but there are some other things that must measure how really civilized we are – like how we treat animals and yes WHAT we EAT, what WE eat.(It’s like how the cleanliness of one’s bathroom tells the REAL standards of cleanliness of a home.) Let Icelanders eat sheep balls and Koreans their dogs, but I hate hate it that eating uisa is now an accepted norm among us Mizos.

    In the town where I live, a team of volunteer vets from USA and the European Union visit regularly to treat stray dogs – mainly operate on them to sterilise them or to administer to them. You should see the love and care these dogs are given. What a difference.

    And yes I keep three pet dogs. I’m not vegan, I’m not vegetarian.

    Can anybody tell give me the address of any animal rights groups in Mizoram?
    I’m at gnosienne4@yahoo.com

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